- Stuff that happens IN the play . . .

He was a thing of blood.

• Roman citizens are rioting against Caius Martius, the most successful Roman general. His good friend, Menenius Agrippa, calms the crowd. 

• When Martius arrives, his anger and reputation frighten the crowd away, but not before he announces that two Tribunes have been appointed as go-betweens for the common people and the Senate. They are Sicinius Velutus and Junius Brutus. 

• Two other Roman generals, Cominius and Titus Lartius, ask Martius to help them fi ght a neighboring tribe of Volscians. The Volscian leader, Tullus Aufi dius, is Martius’s enemy. 

• Aufi dius is commissioned by the Volscian Senate to fi ght outside the city of Corioles. 

• Volumnia, Martius’s mother, and Virgilia, his wife, chat about their opposing views of Martius as a warrior. Another woman, Valeria, stops by to cheer up Virgilia since Martius is at war. 

• Almost single-handedly, Martius defeats the Volscians at Corioles, earning him the honorary surname “Coriolanus.” 

• Back in Rome, Martius is expected to go through the ritual of seeking the common people’s approval in order to be appointed to the highest political position, the Consul. 

• The Tribunes, Sicinius Velutus and Junius Brutus, believe Martius is too prideful, so they manipulate the people to turn against him. They banish him from Rome. 

• Martius seeks out his great enemy Aufi dius in the city of Antium and swears allegiance to the Volscians. Together, they plot a war on Rome. 

• Begging, betrayal, and butchery ensue. 


2017 Renaissance Season