- Stuff that happens In the play . . .

I will join your players, and to London.

• In Stratford, Judith Shakespeare works on her play in the Shakespeare family home, surrounded by her parents, niece, and nephew, waiting for her brother William Shakespeare to come home with a group of actors. The Lord Strange’s Men arrive, but Will is not with them. 

• William Underhill, a family friend, comes to the house and asks Judith to marry him. Judith refuses, angering her father. He is further enraged when he finds Judith’s play, scattering the pages and throwing some in the fire. 

• Ned Alleyn, one of the actors, arrives to deliver a lett er and purse from Will. While Judith reads the letter, Ned picks up the pages and reads her play. Finding the play is good, he invites Judith to come to London. 

• Judith escapes to London with Ned only to find her brother Will has just left town. When she arrives at the theatre, she learns it is forbidden to put her work on stage. 

• Judith stays as the theatre’s seamstress, and gets involved with Ned Alleyn, in spite of his engagement to the boss’s daughter Joan. The aff air is discovered, and Ned agrees to fulfill the engagement. 

• While comforting Judith, Richard Burbage, Dick, gets into an argument with Joan over acting merit. Joan believes she could act more convincingly than Dick, which gives Judith a daring idea. 

• Acting, rehearsing, and law-breaking ensue. 


2017 Renaissance Season