Much Ado About Nothing - Director's Notes

"If A Story Is Told Enough, It Becomes True Enough."

“Some people are saying [unverified, inflammatory assertion].  Senator, could you comment – oops – after the break?” –XYZ Network Daytime Host  

“I don’t know anything about [unverified, inflammatory assertion], but if it’s true, it’s outrageous.”—Celebrity, answering random fan question as Celebrity enters airport 

“Outrageous!” –GIF of Celebrity, 12.8k retweets  

“CELEBBY OUTRAGED! Sez: ‘[unverified, inflammatory assertion]?!?! I’M OUTTA HERE!’” – Daily Tab cover, photo of Celebrity dashing into airport  

“Everyone knows that [unverified, inflammatory assertion].  In fact, I was just asked about it on XYZ yesterday (click for video).  Like Celebrity, everyday Americans – including me! – are absolutely outraged by [unverified, inflammatory assertion].  That’s why we need to enact [agenda profitable to Senator].  Frankly, it’s a moral imperative.  Won’t you please join us with as little as $3 today?” –Senator via SenatorPAC  

“This [unverified, inflammatory assertion] is unverified, not to mention inflammatory.  97% of climate scientists, on the other hand, agree that Climate Change is already causing devastation.” –Bill Nye the Science Guy   

“@Celebrity, where RU?!? If @Congress pass @Senator’s bill, WILL U COME HOME?! <3 <3 #BringCelebrityBack #Outrageous #Inflammatory #StayWoke” –@TheRealREVOLUTE  

“Ex-DIA operative ‘not surprised’: What the MSM doesn’t want you to know about [unverified, inflammatory assertion].“ –Occupy Lefties, and also RedBlood Righties  

“Let’s play! Here’s a list of ten places where I’ve been #Inflammatory.  Which one is a lie? LOL.  Copy and paste.” –The socially mediated  

“A rare bipartisan achievement in Washington today, as Senator’s popular resolution – the ‘Original Universal Truth Rectifying Act for General Effect’ bill – easily passed with just three Nay votes.” –XYZ Network Nightly News  

“Annnnnd, I’m back from vacay.  Two weeks OTG.  Bliss.  We should put our phones down more, dangit! Sooo… what’d I miss? :P #FOMO #Blissedtho” –@Celebrity  

We are always making Much Ado About Nothing.    

For good or for ill, folks love a good story.  And we love the story *behind* the story – the inside scoop, the first report, the hot tip that will get us there first, best, most full-of-win (or at least not looking foolish).  If a story is told enough, it becomes true enough.  The wicked, the politicians, and the young have known this since time immemorial:  a nudge in the right direction (towards something we hope or fear is, in fact, true) can turn a crowd into a mob, a hero into a chump, and a couple of nerds into the Romantic Leads.  From nothing.  

Why, right now, maybe even in this playhouse, a person catches the eye of another person, and in the course of offering the perfunctory nod, notices that in fact, all the light in the place seems to lead to that other person.  Belly butterfly.  Chest thump.  Swallow.  Look away.  After a breath, they both look back at each other at the same moment, and though their cheeks might warm with a blush, still they keep looking and share their first, deep smile.  There will be many, many more.  

We are always making Much Ado About Nothing.  

Guest Director