Peter and the Starcatcher - Stuff that Happens in the Play

Growing up ensues...

A troupe of actors addresses the audience. 
• At the docks in Victorian England, a schoolmaster ushers three orphan boys (Ted, Prentiss, and a nameless Boy) aboard the disheveled Neverland, a ship bound for the court of the evil King Zarboff.  
• The distinguished Lord Aster, who is boarding the neighboring (and much more impressive) ship, the Wasp, sees his daughter Molly and her nanny Mrs. Bumbrake aboard the Neverland. 
• Slank, the vicious captain of the Neverland, switches a trunk destined for the Wasp to the decks of the Neverland. 
• Molly and the mysterious Boy lock eyes on deck. 
• Aboard the Neverland, Molly and the orphan boys realize the ship is much more dangerous than it appeared.  Molly sneaks out of her cabin after Alf, a kind-hearted and romantic sailor, and discovers the orphan boys stashed below deck.
• Meanwhile, a band of pirates, led by the wildly wicked Black Stache, has taken control of the Wasp. 
• Molly realizes her father is in trouble; then she and the orphans see a flying cat.  The orphans try to get Molly to explain what’s going on, but she distracts them by telling a story. 
• On the Wasp, Stache realizes the treasure he’s been seeking on this ship has been moved to the Neverland. 
• The Boy spies Molly on deck communicating with her father and pries her secret out of her:  she and her father are Starcatchers, and they’re protecting a magical treasure – Starstuff. 
• Slank discovers the Boy on deck and throws him overboard.  Molly swims him to safety. 
• Stache attacks the Neverland in search of the treasure.  Lightning hits the ship, splits it in half, and it begins to sink.  
• The Boy tries to protect the trunk from Stache, but Stache tries to woo him to the pirate’s life, starting with offering him a good pirate name – Peter.  The Boy takes Peter as his name. 
• The ship goes down, and everyone escapes to a nearby island. 
• Mermaids, Mollusks, flying crocodiles, and growing up ensue.