Our Student Matinees bring Shakespeare to life for grades 5+

Let our actors illuminate the world of Shakespeare and his contemporaries for your community.

  • The choice of three plays allows you to tailor our visit for your students.
  • Thrust staging and additional on-stage seating bring students close to the action.
  • Universal lighting (house lights stay on) means students are part of the play — never left in the dark.
  • A free study guide for each teacher at a student matinee supplements lesson plans before and after the show.
  • Workshops are available – our dynamic approach engages students’ intellectual curiosity by exploring rhetoric, embedded stage directions, special effects, stage combat, and more!

Consider a two-show day to create an enriching experience for your school and community, while reducing the cost per show!

“We truly enjoy working with the ASC. Thanks for all you do to engage young audiences!”
Sherri Leathers, Director of Education, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville, TN

“We had a blast with the ASC touring cast…the morning workshops were absolutely wonderful, and the performance was extremely well-received by our students. In fact, one notoriously cynical junior was overheard telling teachers that we should ‘read more Shakespeare’ in English classes. SUCCESS!”
Nick Cherone, Fine Arts Director, Annapolis Area Christian School, Annapolis, MD

“I never realized how amazing Shakespeare’s plays would be live. It was better than a movie in every single way.”
Student in Kilmarnock, VA


Our actors perform live acoustic music before the show and during intermission.

A morning show may start no earlier than 10:00 a.m.

The run time of a full-length show is approximately two hours, not including the intermission.

“Magical. Absolutely magical. My students’ lives are all changed as a result of attending yesterday’s performance.”
Teacher, after a student matinee at University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

“This company was a delight to work with . . . efficient, well-organized, professional, and completely accommodating to us as the presenter. The school show and both of our sold-out public performances received rave reviews from our audiences. The quality of the productions was exceptional and completely accessible for those who were seasoned Shakespeare audiences, as well as those who were seeing these works for the first time. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with this remarkable company.”
Denise Ringer, Director, Arts and Cultural Programs, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Direct from the stage of the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, Virginia, ASC on Tour delivers engaging and interactive theatre for audiences at high schools, universities, and performing arts centers across the U.S. We are committed to reaching into all communities, particularly those with limited or no access to the performing arts.

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