All things are ready if our minds be so.

The last few years have been… a lot. While camp was able to meet virtually last year as #SHXCamp 2020, there’s just no replacement for the in-person experience, and we knew we needed to be back together at the Blackfriars Playhouse for ASCTC 2021. In the spirit of the 2021 Actors’ Renaissance Summer, we decided the return of in-person camp was the perfect time to try the crazy experiment of a “Campers’ Renaissance Session”: a smaller, older company of campers, bubbled together at Hotel 24 South (right next door to the Playhouse) and empowered to make all the decisions there are to make about their production of Henry V — with no official “directorial” oversight. A crazy Shakesperiment? Perhaps, but one we thought Camp was ready to try.

Did you know that there is no one “official” text of Henry V, but rather multiple extant copies that editors/directors conflate together in order make an “edition”? These campers know — and they chose every single word you will hear them say in today’s 90-minute performance “edition” of Henry V

Did you know that Shakespeare doesn’t provide explicit costuming directions for characters, or lists of props to be used in each scene? These campers know — and they chose every costume piece and prop you will see on stage today.

Did you know that nobody gets to decide what a Shakespeare play “means” forever or for all time, but that every performance of Henry V is simply the result of a bunch of cascading choices that can yield whatever story it is the cast wants to tell today? These campers know — and they chose to tell the story they will tell today.

I am forever grateful to the other members of the ASCTC 2021 staff — Camp Life Coordinator Aubrey Whitlock, Dramaturg/Social Leader Esma Eddeb, and Stage Manager/Wellness Leader Daniel Skinner — for helping to steer this ship without taking agency away from the Camp company. And I am so excited for you to see the fruits of their labor, knowing it is truly theirs — real, live, and ready to be told. All things are ready if our minds be so, so lean in, prepare your mind, and enjoy the culmination of the 24th year of the ASC Theatre Camp: our company-directed production of Henry V.

Lia Wallace

Performance Studies Manager and Camp Director 


  • Prince Hal has led a riotous youth with his tavern companions Falstaff, Pistol, Bardolph, Nym, and Hostess Quickly.
  • On his deathbed, King Henry IV tells Prince Hal to “busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels.”
  • After the death of his father, Prince Hal becomes King Henry V. One of his first acts is to banish Falstaff from his presence, putting his wild past behind him.
  • To prevent a bill that would deprive them of lands and possessions, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Ely have offered King Henry money and the blessing of the Church for an invasion of France.
  • The bishops describe to King Henry the “Salic Law,” which the bishops interpret as entitling Henry to the French throne.
  • The French Prince (Dauphin) sends King Henry a mocking reply to Henry’s claims to “certain Dukedoms” in France.
  • In London, Falstaff’s friends mourn his death; Pistol, Nym, Bardolph, and Boy depart to join the King’s war on France.
  • In Southampton, King Henry orders the execution of three English noblemen who have accepted French gold to murder him.
  • At the French Court, King Henry’s uncle Exeter demands that the French crown and kingdom be resigned to Henry or bloodshed will follow.
  • King Henry and his army lay siege to and capture the city of Harfleur.
  • At the French Court, Kate, the Princess of France, asks her gentlewoman, Alice, to teach her English.
  • At Agincourt, the night before battle: the French are confident of their superior numbers and yearn for the morning, when they expect sure victory.
  • Meanwhile, King Henry disguises himself and walks about his camp to talk with his soldiers.
  • The next morning, the English army engages the French in the Battle of Agincourt.
  • Victory, grieving, wooing, and history ensue.
Dramaturg’s Note

Henry V by William Shakespeare is a depiction of history focusing on King Henry V’s reign in England and the conquering of France. The play is in episodic scenes, the Chorus briefing the audience when events happen offstage such as travel and battles. It goes through the progression of the Hundred Years War all started by Edward the Black Prince. The play ends in the marriage of King Henry V and Princess Catherine of France. In being coronated, Henry V went from being the wild prince to the pious king, banishing his rowdy old friends. The campers wanted to highlight aspects of this historical play by editing the script to fit key themes. These themes included how the church influenced foreign affairs, the foil between Henry V and Boy, and how to respect all languages and cultures portrayed in the play. The campers made discoveries through this process and allowed themselves to make choices that personalized their production.

This year, the camp ran a little differently. Instead of the standard way it ran, the campers had a Renaissance Season! A renaissance or “ren” process is a practice taken from Shakespeare’s time and how he produced his plays. They had no director, just a stage manager, a dramaturg, and the actors bringing the words to life. The campers underwent a whole learning curve, overcoming challenges that naturally come with collaborating. They persevered and helped each other out, which was a key reason they pulled it off. The campers went through ensemble training, such as viewpoints, focusing on their kinesthetic response. Throughout their remaining weeks at camp, they used their time wisely to create their rehearsal schedule and block out the play scene by scene. All of them received assignments to various production committees to handle the technical aspects of the show. The committees had mentors to help guide them through the process. During production meetings, the committees presented their work as they would in a professional setting. Decisions were made by the consensus of the group. If there was a blatant disagreement, they worked to find a compromise that benefited all sides. The process as a whole was so rewarding and a practice worth exploring in the future.

Cast and Crew of Henry V

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Lee Adams

Fredericksburg, VA

This is Lee’s first time participating in a production, and they’re glad it’s with the ASC Theatre Camp! They’d like to thank their mom for convincing them to do the program, and for encouraging them to pursue acting. They’d also like to thank their fellow campers (who they’ll remember for a long time, they’re sure).

Violet Craghead-Way

Charlottesville, VA

Violet is very excited to be performing at the ASCTC again! She enjoys playing ukulele and guitar, writing songs, crafting, crocheting, and sewing. She is grateful for her supportive family and friends, and her fellow campers and mentors. She loves to dance and sing, and aspires to be a Musical Theater performer.

Lilly Day-Miller

Bridgewater, VA

Lilly is an upcoming senior at Turner Ashby High School. She loves The American Shakespeare Center and is very excited to be a part of a production in the Blackfriars playhouse. Lilly’s first show that she saw at ASC was A Christmas Carol in 2015. Lilly hopes to pursue acting after high school and dreams of working at The American Shakespeare Center one day. She would like to thank her family and the campers at ASCTC for being very supportive and encouraging. She would also like to thank all of the ASC staff members that shared their knowledge and kindness with her .

Ella Gardner

Irvington, New York

Ella would like to thank her family and friends for their endless support throughout all her years at camp. She would also like to thank the staff who made camp this year possible and all the campers who worked together to make an incredible show. She is so grateful for every year she has attended camp, especially in a year where she did not think it would be possible to be back in the Blackfriars Playhouse. She hopes that everyone watching enjoys the show as much as she and the other campers enjoyed creating it.

Riley Jackson

Virginia Beach, VA

Riley is a rising freshman at Virginia Tech for theatre and communications. This is her 3rd year of camp and they would like to thank her parents for being ever supportive of her ambitions and dreams throughout their life.

Maddie Johns

Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania

Maddie is beyond thrilled to be back in the Blackfriars and at camp again! Special thanks to her parents for sending her away to nerd camp three years ago and friends for not teasing her (too much) about going to a Shakespeare camp. Thanks to the staff for supporting the wonderful ensemble and making this year possible and thank you to the wonderful cast that proved the Victorians wrong—we don’t need directors to be awesome. Maddie didn’t think she would love Henry V this much, but with scene partners and mentors like those at camp, anything is possible. She hopes you enjoy the show as much she she enjoyed coming out of the trap door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly Livesay

San Antonio, TX

Molly is a rising senior, who really thought she knew a lot about Shakespeare, until she came to this camp and realized she knows nothing. She has loved Shakespeare since the sixth grade, but has never been apart of a Shakespeare production. She is excited to finally be in a Shakespeare play, and very excited that her first character is the swaggering Pistol. Her last role in a play was the Head Fury in Eumenides by Aesculus. She enjoys talking about herself in the third person. And she thanks her mom and dad very much for sending her to this camp.

Isabella Pizzatola

Houston Texas

Isabella would like to thank her family and ensemble for supporting her through this entire experience, it has been absolutely amazing.

Micah Shank Zehr

Harrisonburg VA

This is Micah’s first theatrical production, but they have 12 years of experience in the Shenandoah Valley Children’s Choir. They have loved the renaissance season process, writing and arranging the music for the show with fellow music committee members and getting to know all the amazing people at camp. Micah would like to thank their fellow campers and the staff for making camp such a wonderful experience and their parents, sibling, friends and extended family for their support.

Lucy Shea

Springfield, PA

This is Lucy’s first year at ASCTC, and it’s been more fun than she ever could have hoped. Camp has provided the opportunity to bring together several of her interests and meet so many wonderful people. She’d like to thank her family and friends and the cast and staff at ASCTC for pushing her out of her comfort zone and the ASC company for being so welcoming and providing this incredible learning opportunity.

Ezra Smith

Charlottesville, VA

It’s Ezra’s first year at the ASCTC and is excited to be participating in Henry V! He is playing Montjoy, and enjoys performing Shakespeare as a rising senior at Albemarle High School. Other Shakespeare roles he’s performed as outside of the ASCTC include Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth from Macbeth. He’d like to thank his parents for making it possible to come to camp and his friends for supporting him throughout the experience.

Analise Toone

Birmingham, Alabama

Analise is so glad to be at camp in person this year! Analise is a rising senior who loves tech theatre and Shakespeare. She is also does Cross Country and Mountain Biking. She would like to give a special thanks to her family for helping pay for camp and Lia for making it possible to for her to attend. Thank you to the ASC actors and staff for making camp so special. Finally she would like to thank her rabbit, Bandit, being a good bunny while she was away.

Eleanor Walter

Sterling, VA

This is Eleanor’s third and final year with the ASCTC. They have been in love with Shakespeare since their first role as Ganymede in As You Like It when he was in 6th grade. She was a part of the ASCTC’s productions of Pericles and The Roaring Girl. This, their final year, they will be playing Sir Thomas Gray and Captain Fluellen. As he goes into college, Eleanor is incredibly grateful for the time, experience, education, and camaraderie that they have gained from camp; and they cannot wait for the next step in their journey.

Andrew Webb

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Andrew is known as “Andy” to most, “Drew” to very few, and “That Overexcitable Shakespeare Kid” to everyone who had to tolerate sharing a high school literature class with him. Obviously, spending a month surrounded by other Overexcitable Shakespeare Kids is a dream come true. Andy has recently appeared as Guildenstern in Hamlet, Edmund in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Touchstone in As You Like It, and Rafe in Gallathea. He would like to thank all of his fellow campers and the camp staff for making this month such a brilliant and unforgettable experience, his parents for constantly encouraging him to pursue his passions, his best friend for always being willing to listen to his impromptu rants about Shakespeare, and all of his previous literature classes for putting up with him.

Christopher (Topher) Zane

Arlington, Virginia

Topher has had an amazing sixth and final year of camp. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to play King Henry and to his parents for enabling his camp journey. He would also like to thank all the camp staff, his fellow campers, and his scene partners for being the best that they can be. He would also like to thank Lia for being the most wonderful camp director for the past six years. Previously at camp, he has played Friar in Much Ado About Nothing (2016), Poines and Vernon in Henry IV Pt 1 (2017), Charles and Corin in As You Like It (2018), Angelo in Measure For Measure (2019), and Bertram in All’s Well That Ends Well (2020)

Esma Eddeb

Esma is so happy to be in person working with the ASCTC after working virtually last year. She is incredibly proud of all the campers and their ability to collaborate and the work they put in to make this happen. Esma would like to thank Lia, Aubrey, and Daniel for always making the space a place of acceptance and creativity. She would also like to thank her family for always supporting her and would like to give a shout-out to her adorable nephew Musa.

Daniel Skinner

Daniel serves as the Camp Wellness Leader and Stage Manager, and couldn’t be happier to join the staff as an RDA after his 2014 experience as a camper in “All’s Well that Ends Well.” When not geeking out over Shakespeare, Daniel is an actor and stage combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors. He has loved the opportunity to choreograph the stage combat and intimacy in this production. He sends his love to Mom, Dad, Cameron, and Isla for their endless support, to Catherine for making love easy, his dogs for their perfect little faces, and the campers for their grit, creativity, and playfulness. Special thanks to Lia, Aubrey, and Esma for being dream coworkers, and to Jeremy West and Natasia Reinhardt for their professional guidance. Elon University, Acting BFA ’20.

Lia Wallace

Lia was born and raised in Philadelphia. She earned her Master of Letters and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Shakespeare & Performance from Mary Baldwin University and a BA in Shakespeare and Education from NYU Gallatin. Lia began as an ASC Education intern in January of 2012 before becoming a part time Education Artist and Playhouse Tour Guide. She joined ASC staff full-time as the College Prep Programs Manager and Camp Director in April of 2016. As the Performance Studies Manager, she now oversees a range of educational programming focusing on Shakespeare’s text and technology, with a focus on students at the undergraduate level and below. This is her sixth summer running the ASC Theatre Camp.

Aubrey Whitlock

Aubrey is the Community Programs Manager and Camp Life Coordinator at ASC. Aubrey has an MA in Teaching from Chapman University and an MLitt and MFA in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin University. She has been a full-time classroom teacher in middle and high schools, as well as an actor, stage manager, and dramaturg at various points in her career. In her spare time, Aubrey co-hosts the internationally-recognized Shakespeare podcast, ‘The Hurly Burly Shakespeare Show!’. She is also the host and producer of ASC’s own podcast, ‘Dr. Ralph Presents.’ Aubrey would like to thank Lia and the incredible Esma and Daniel, and campers that made her fourth summer with ASCTC such a joyful experience.

Special Thanks to

Dr. Ralph Cohen, Dr. Mary Hill Cole, Sarah Enloe, Kristina Arbogast and Grace Mather and their incredible team at Hotel 24 South, Kelly Burdick Carter, Brandon Carter (acting coach), Amber James (media committee mentor), Chris Johnston (music committee mentor), Rhi Sanders and Thomas Prater (props committee mentors), Mary Evelyn Gunn and Jasmine Herbert (costume committee mentors), Jeremy L. West and Natasia Reinhardt (combat and intimacy choreography mentors, respectively), Thomas Coppola, Dr. Matt Davies, and all those within the ASC family who gave selflessly of their time and support throughout this process.

Extra Special Thanks

The Stark Family

Sidney Stark III Memorial Scholarship Fund supports the American Shakespeare Center’s Theatre Camp which empowers high school students to leap into college life through the learning experiences within Shakespeare’s text. Named for Sidney Stark, an English teacher who dedicated his life to sharing the joy of language, this fund invests in students’ performance training, academic exploration, and the opportunity to share their passion with new friends from across the country. Learn More. 



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