The American Shakespeare Center is seeking Costume Design Assistants for their summer build season. From March to May we will be building a show for our Tour’s Spring Homecoming and from May to October we build and produce our Summer/Fall Repertory Season and our Tour Season, 7 shows in total. Each show has a 4 to 6 week build period and a dress rehearsal before preview performances. Each show is a combination of pulled and built costumes, the exact ratio varies depending on style and period of production.

Our beautiful theatre is the world’s only recreation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre and uses original staging conditions, relying on costumes and props to tell the technical elements of the stories.

Start/end dates vary by show/availability but generally start as early as March 24 and can go until Oct 3. Compensation includes a per diem and housing may be available.

Duties Expected of Costume Design AssiStant:

  • Assist Costume Designer with the acquisition, construction, and design of costumes for the production.
  • Provide support as Draper/First Hand/Stitcher for the production.
  • Attend production meetings, Renaissance Run, first (or early) run-throughs, and dress rehearsals for the production, as scheduled by the Costume Designer and Stage Management.
  • Assist the Costume Designer with the following duties (note: the Costume Designer is ultimately responsible for each of these items; the Lead Stitcher will provide support):
    • Have shoes and rehearsal clothes available as soon as rehearsal-wear fittings are complete. Rehearsal clothes should consist of footwear approved by designer and fit to actor and rehearsal skirts of appropriate length for design. Stand-in items for garments required for onstage business shall be provided within 48 hours of request from Stage Management/Director, assuming Designer/Director approval and agreement.
    • Before first dress rehearsal supply actors, Wardrobe Manager, Stage Manager, and Costume Shop Manager with complete costume inventory. Inventory will include all costumes and costume pieces organized by actor name/ character and will include the description of each item, daily care instructions, laundering/cleaning instructions, and any other notes for the actor/wardrobe manager about each garment.
    • Have all costumes, shoes, and accessories ready for the first dress rehearsal of the production. Come to dress rehearsals at least two hours before go to set up and meet with the actors. Be available after the dress rehearsals for notes with the director and actors and to properly load out.
    • Complete all final alterations, trims and corrections by the first public-preview of the production.
  • Work with Wardrobe Manager to ensure all pieces are labeled correctly with actor initials, show, and character as needed.
  • Include provisions in the design for fabric that is easily maintained and resists wrinkling, and by reinforcing armhole and seat seams, secure hems and over-locked or otherwise secured seams.
  • Provide for a washable barrier undergarment (t-shirt and dress shields, if needed), as well as tights/socks, all labeled with actors’ initials, by first dress.
  • Return unused pulled-costumes back to stock under the supervision of Shop Manager or Designer.
  • Take care to maintain neatness when using shop and stock resources.
  • Clean and maintain equipment.
  • Perform other related work as requested by Costume Designer or Costume Shop Manager.
  • Reports to the Costume Designer and Costume Shop Manager

Submit a complete application with cover letter, resume, and design sample or portfolio.
No phone calls or emails, please.