Brigid Bakin

Production Intern

As You Like It, Session 1

Favorite Shakespeare Play:

Twelfth Night

Shakespeare Character that best describes me:

Olivia from Twelfth Night

Favorite Shakespeare quote:

“Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.” – Olivia, Twelfth Night

Favorite Play that isn’t by Shakespeare:

Cain by Lord Byron

All-time favorite ASC Moment:

After much deliberation, I honestly can’t give a favorite. Like literally. Every single moment at the ASC is pure magic. I love every moment I spend there.


Brigid Bakin grew up in Kearneysville WV, and was practically raised in one theatre or another across the years. She now attends Ave Maria University in Florida, and is working towards attaining a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Liberal studies, with a Minor in Shakespeare in Performance. If you ask any of her collegiate comrades, they will emphatically state that “Shakespeare is her life”. Also, that statement will probably be accompanied by an eyeroll, and a sigh, since Brigid finds it difficult to keep Shakespeare out of any conversation of notable length. Quite obviously, Brigid has a great love of Shakespeare and plans to continue her study of his works, and also acting, as a graduate student. But besides acting and Shakespeare, Brigid fills her time with singing, playing the piano, Soprano Recorder, and Ukulele, and baking. She is extraordinarily excited to return to camp as a Production Intern, after attending for two years as a camper.