Candice Hark

Finance Chair of the Board of Trustees
I am proud to be an ASC Board Member Because:

We reintroduce Shakespeare to audiences. I have taken many guests to the Blackfriars who may have previously found Shakespeare to stuffy or dated. However, after watching one of our performances, they realize how current and relevant to modern life these plays are. Through our dedication to his original staging conditions, we truly help patrons recover the joys of Shakespeare.

My all-time favorite ASC moment was:

A couple years ago, our Director of Mission, Ralph Alan Cohen, wrote an original play for our Annual Gala. In an uproarious and clever way, he dismantled every argument that doubters make for why someone else must have written Shakespeare’s plays.

You should support the ASC because:

At any theater in the world, you can sit down in a lovely space, have the lights dropped low, and watch an enjoyable production of one of Shakespeare’s plays. That format might work for some, but it doesn’t attract new audiences. At ASC, we perform Shakespeare the way it was intended, in full light. We play *with* our audience rather than *to* them. At the end of the performance, you will leave feeling like you have been a part of something special. That kind of connected experience is rare today. It’s why I support ASC and why you should, too.


Candice is Co-Founder of Maxient, a software company catering to the needs of student affairs departments at over 800 colleges and universities across North America. Her business experience has led to an appointment to the board of advisors for the Faber Entrepreneurship Center within the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. She has also worked with various incubators and accelerators as an advisor to startup businesses. She and her husband, Aaron, sponsor and serve as judges for the Proving Ground, a business plan competition for students and recent alumni of the University of South Carolina.

Candice was also a founding member of Cville Gives, a philanthropic networking club geared toward professionals in Charlottesville, VA. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and with Honors from the South Carolina Honors College at the University of South Carolina in 2003. Candice currently lives in Charlottesville, with her husband and two children.