Cathy Bagwell Marsh

Cathy Bagwell Marsh Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Favorite Shakespeare Play:
Measure for Measure
Shakespeare character that best describes me:
Favorite Shakespeare Quote:
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Favorite Play That Isn’t By Shakespeare
Most recently really loved Mean Girls, but also loved the ASC production of Cyrano. I’ve been involved with a production of A Christmas Carol in some fashion for the last 23 Christmases – there’s a love-hate relationship (mostly love) with that one!
All time favorite ASC moment:
Specifically, Cyrano (see above) was one of the most moving and beautiful productions I’ve ever seen. Generally, I love going to shows, sitting on the side, and watching the audience reactions. Gets me every time.
Cathy Bagwell Marsh started at the ASC in 2011 as Director of Marketing and Sales where in six years, she increased revenue 54%. In March 2017 she left ASC to work as a Consulting Analyst at The Results Group for the Arts (TRG Arts), a data-driven consulting firm that teaches a patron-based approach to increasing sustainable revenue. In her time with TRG, Cathy worked with arts organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK like Alvin Ailey, The Geffen Playhouse, The Shaw Festival, and Arts Club Theatre Company, honing their ticket campaign strategies and demand and pricing strategies through the lens of patron loyalty. But the frequent travel of a consultant was difficult for her family, and the local company she loved had an opening: her old job. Back with a fresh perspective, Cathy is excited to see where the ASC will go in its next big journey. Before ASC, Cathy was the Director of Marketing & Community Services at The Weston Playhouse in Vermont, and the Management Associate at the Tony Award-Winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. She holds her Masters of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Management from the UNC School of the Arts and her Bachelors of Art in Theatre and English from the University of Tennessee. Cathy spends her time outside of ASC parenting two school-aged boys, being on the PTA, hanging out with the village of people that help raise her kids, occasionally having a conversation with her husband, and growing a tomato or two.