Cortland Nesley

Resident & Directing Assistant

Gallathea, Session 1 | The Roaring Girl, Session 2

Favorite Shakespeare Play:

The Comedy of Errors. Unapologetically.

Favorite Shakespeare quote:

“I do; I will”-Henry IV part 1 (There’s so much in so little!!!)

Favorite Play that isn’t by Shakespeare:

Don’t make me choose!!!! Ok, if you’re asking me today (which you are) I’d say Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley, Women Dreamt Horses by Daniel Veronese, Really by Jackie Sibblies Drury, and I have a personal soft spot for The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence by Madeleine George.

Hogwarts House:


Favorite asc moment:

Does anytime Gabriel does anything count?

favorite asctc moment:

Getting to see two campers perform in a As You Like It scene with two ASC troupe members during the 2018 Gala has a particularly heartwarming effect in the “ohhhhh I see the future” kind of way.


Cortland Nesley was born and raised in Stroudsburg PA. He graduated with his B.F.A in Theater Arts from Boston University and spent a semester in The National Theater Institute’s Advanced Playwriting program at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Cortland worked at the American Shakespeare Center as a literary Intern (or as he likes to call them “Literns”. GO SNC). Cortland is a playwright/dramaturg who loves new plays, medium specificity, and is deeply excited to get into touch with his new found love of teaching.