Grace Wallis

ASCTC Production Intern

Measure for Measure, Session 1 | Richard III, Session 2

Favorite Shakespeare Play:

Richard III

Shakespeare Character that best describes me:


Favorite Shakespeare quote:

“If you can mock a leek, you can eat a leek.” – Fluellen, Henry V

Favorite Play that isn’t by Shakespeare:

Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Hogwarts House:


Favorite asc moment:

Watching Twelfth Night (2016) with my grandpa, who came to visit me at the end of camp. It was the last Shakespeare play we watched together and one of my favorite memories with him.

favorite asctc moment:

Getting cast in the band of our production of Henry VIII during ASCTC 2016. Who knew that Adele, Lady Gaga, and Walk the Moon were the next broadside ballads?


Grace Wallis is a quirky Californian and LA native who spent every toasty summer of her childhood watching outdoor theatre. By day, she studies Human Biology and Sustainable Agriculture at Stanford University. By night, she sound designs, directs, and acts for the Stanford Shakespeare Company. She’s particularly interested in science and environmental communication through theatre and would ideally subsist solely on coffee, oat milk, avocados, the outdoors, Shakespeare, and bread.