Jules Talbot

ASCTC Production Intern

Gallathea, Session 1 | The Taming of the Shrew, Session 2

Favorite Shakespeare Play:


Shakespeare Character that best describes me:

Probably Guildenstern—I, too, am frequently befuddled by pipes.

Favorite Shakespeare quote:

Geese, villain?

Favorite Play that isn’t by Shakespeare:

Athena by Gracie Gardner

Hogwarts House:


Favorite asc moment:

Jessika Williams’ performances of Jaques’ monologue in the 2018 Summer season production of As You Like It.

favorite asctc moment:

Snuggling in bean bags in the dorm’s common room on a rainy day to watch ASC archival footage (although I’m still bitter we didn’t watch Hamlet).


Jules Talbot is a freshman at NYU Gallatin studying Shakespeare, creative writing, illustration, and all of the disciplines where they overlap, from graphic novels to scenic art and playwriting. Currently, she’s working on a comic book adaptation of Hamlet called “I Am Dead, Horatio”; she has seen around twenty-three productions of Hamlet, and if you have any recommendations, is always looking for more. Born in Medford, Massachusetts, she is a discerning judge of Boston accents, and in fact has one herself if you catch her before her morning cup of coffee, which you won’t.