Wednesday, 10/23

Wake-Up Workshop #1: That’s a Certain Text
Welcome Address
Peter Holland Keynote
Plenary I (Kara Northway, Lindsey Snyder, Benjamin Curns, Darlene Farabee, Sarah Werner, Matt Kozusko)
Colloquy I: Staging Choices
Colloquy II: Methods – The Renaissance Run
Colloquy III: The Feminine in Early Modern Plays
Colloquy IV: Audience
Colloquy V: The Published Text
Staging Session I
Plenary II (Alan Armstrong, Sid Ray, Holly Pickett, Bill Gelber, Cass Morris, Peter Kanelos)

Thursday, 10/24

Wake-Up Workshop #2: If This Were Played Upon a Stage
Plenary III (Amy Rodgers, Jeremy Fiebig, Davey Morrison Dillard, Kimberly West, Heidi Cephus, Michael Wagoner)
Russ McDonald Keynote
Lunch and Learn Session: ‘The Actors are at Hand!’ Bringing the ASC to your town”
Special Presentation: “A Scholar, at the Least”
Plenary IV* (Leslie Thomson, Ian Borden, William Proctor Williams, Melissa Aaron, Evelyn Tribble, James Keegan)
Colloquy VI: Methods – Pedagogy
Colloquy VII: Rhetoric
Colloquy VIII: Adaptations
Colloquy IX: Construction of Identity
Staging Session II*
Staging Session III
Plenary V (Ann Pleiss Morris, Annalisa Castaldo, Andrew Carlson, Steven Urkowitz, Ann Jennalie Cook, Anston Bosman)

Friday, 10/25

Wake-Up Workshop #3: Sweet Smoke of Rhetoric
Plenary VI (Katharine Cleland, Brian Chalk, Jessica Schiermeister, Antonia Forster, Danielle Rosvally, Travis Curtright, Deb Streusand)
Ann Thompson Keynote
Lunch and Learn Session: The World Shakespeare Project
Plenary VII (Roslyn Knutson, Sybille Bruun, Andrew Blasenak, Hsiang-Chun Chu, Kate Moncrief, Nick Hutchison and Donald Jellerson)
Colloquy X: The Big Woo
Colloquy XI: Methods – Actingin Shakespeare: What We Teach and What We Learn
Colloquy XII: Staged and Unstaged Binaries
Colloquy XIII: History and Culture
Colloquy XIV: Playing Mad
Colloquy XV: Critical Theory
Staging Session IV
Plenary VIII (John Mucciolo, Jacque Vanhoutte, Peter Hyland, Paige Martin-Reynolds, Jeanne McCarthy, George Walton Williams, Virginia Vaughan)

Saturday, 10/26

Wake-Up Workshop #4: Asides and Audience Contact
Plenary IX (Janelle Jenstad, Christina Gutierrez, William Rampone, James Marino, Denise Walen, Don Weingust)
Abigail Rokison Keynote
Lunch and Learn Session: The Folger Digital Texts
Special Presentation: Why Der Bestrafte Brudermord might be a puppet play & The Complete Works
Plenary X (Dorothy Todd, Bob Hornback, Catherine Loomis, Celestine Woo, Lars Engle, Larry Weiss)

Sunday, 10/27

“The End of Shakespeare’s Verse?”: Part 1*, Part 2, Part 3

*All asterisked posts now include PDF downloads of handouts