With the generous support of our donors the American Shakespeare Center continues to recover the joys and accessibility of Shakespeare’s theatre, language, and humanity.We gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of our current season supporters:

The American Shakespeare Center gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of its current season supporters:


James’ Court ($25,000+)

Amanda Bennett and Donald Edward Graham

Kathy & Bernie Campbell

Candice and Aaron Hark

Chris and Betsy Little


Elizabeth’s Court ($10,000-$24,999)


Dr. Carol and Amb. Ken Adelman

John Attig

Paul G. Beers

Ralph and Judy Cohen

Martha L. Ferguson

Jim and Shirley Gillespie

David and Donna Ladd

Nora Palmatier and Jess Thompson


Heirs to the Throne ($5,000-$9,999)


William and Susan Baribault

Patrick & Allison Baroco *

Dr. Marjorie Deutsch and John Broadbent

Dan Collins

William C. “Jack” Davis and Sandra C. Davis

Frank Gannon

Kathy Guy

Stephen and JoAnn Larson

Joan Saxton, M.D.

William A. Schmidt and Carol H. Schmidt

Christopher Wolfe

Rodney Young and Mandi Montgomery Smith


Courtiers ($2,500-$4,999)


Christopher and Kara McLane Burke

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

The Evergreen Fund

Tracy Fisher *

Cliff Garstang *

Bouvard Hosticka

Joe Kraemer

Pamela Fox & Dan Layman

Victor and Sally Ludwig

Leigh and Danny McDaniel

Bill and Lisa Moore

Morris Fund; Dianne Friedman and Michael Hileman

Dr. Sherry Wood Shuman

Dr. Ashton D. Trice

Kimberly R. West


Ambassadors ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous (6)

Collins and Charlotte Beagle

Bears and Blankets Academy of Learning

Betty Rossell McGowin Charitable Trust

John and Penelope Biggs

Ellen Brock and Joe Borzelleca, Jr.

Richard and Kathryn Bump

Mortimer Caplin

John Chamberlin

Harvey M. and Naomi W. Cohen

Mary Hill Cole, in memory of Betsy Walsh, Folger Shakespeare Library

Ruth and Wendell Cole

JoEllen and Michael Collins

Rebecca and Bill Connelly

Marc and Barbara Conner

Jonas Cooke and Joanne McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Crawford, III

Debra Drummond-Berger, in Remembrance of Tom Berger

Mary Fellows

Bill and Louisa Newlin

Michael & Nicole Putnam-Frenchik *

John and Deborah Gatlin

John A. Gillies and Lydia J. Petersson

Kathleen and Don Greenhouse

Mark & Cheryl Keeler

Stephen King *

Emma and Christopher Kozlowski

Coille Limited Partnership

Robert and Letty Ann Macdonald

Mary Ann and Jeff Markunas

Colleen & Larry McCarthy

Richard McPherson

Ernst Melchior

Robert E. and Sara Lee Menzer

David and Heather Morgan *

Dorothy Duval Nelson

Lyn and Tom Olson

Sean and Peggy O’More

Boyce Craig Owens and Elizabeth Pee Owens

Joseph and Kimberly A. Pierro and Family

Julie and Steve Plumbley

Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation: Cynthia Haldenby Tyson

Sandi and Bo Rose

Michael R. Seidl

Amber Brister and Jim Simons *

Lucas and Isabel Thornton

Hannah Yelland and Michael Bahar


Nobles ($500-$999)

Anonymous (2)

Alan Armstrong

Steven Barnhart

John and Beverly Bates

Ann Bonneville

Mari Bonomi

Jeffrey Boutwell

Michael Brookings and Melinda Ferguson

Brooks Lucas Cushman

Ted Deming & Roz Ridgway

Wayne and Paula Dennis

Guy and Julie Dixon

Jade Eaton

Lawrence R. & Vicky C. Eicher

Landon and Rebecca Elswick

Dana Flanders

Beth and Skip Fox

Pamela Friedman and Ronald Bailey *

Joan and Robert Goebel

Dr. Jim Gooding

William C Hatchett

Dr. Janice M. Heiges *

Judy Herndon

Drs. Sam and Melissa Hostetter

Tuffy Kaufman

Laurie and Tom Kelly

The Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler Fund

Greg Klein & Leslie Mazzocco

Diane & John Kowal

Kyanite Mining Corporation

Chad Lash & Caryn Wagner

Laura, Dave & Casey Lockledge

James Lott

David Lusk and Deborah Bodner

Jason Lyman and Kristen Atkins

Dugan and Frank Maddux

Richard Massey

Dorothy and Bill McSweeny

Phil and Cheri Moran

Susan Odom and Jim McClary

Barry A. Jurek & Meredith Parnes

The Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold Fund

Jean Quinlan

John and Karen Rowlingson

Carl and Betsy Sadler

Dr. Maria Kirzhner and Dr. Eugene Shildkrot

Roller and JerryLynn Shipplett

Ben M. and Elizabeth C. Smith

Greg Smith & Kim Earhart

Michael M. Stahl

Myron Steves Jr. and Rowena Young

Martha Walker

Brigette M Wilds and Michael C. Byrne

George W. & Harriet P. Williams


Gallants ($250-$499)


Donald Adams and Ellen Maland

Sharon Adelman

Charlotte Allen

Michelle Amt & Amy Ogden

Nancy Anderson & Ethan McSweeny

Rosemary Stevens & Jack Barchas

Paul and Susan Blackman

Charles Blaylock

George H. Booth, III

Charles & Hedy Breckenridge

Merry Bruns and Mike Bray

Nancy Carpenter

The Carringtons

Cary Carson

Rick Chittum

Jessica Christy

Judith Petterson Clark

Marvin & Karen Copley

James Cromwell and Kathleen Nola

Mary A. De Vachon

Brian J Delaney *

Bruce and Olimpia Dorries

Carole Duff and Keith Kenny

Bobbi and Lewis Dunn

Shawn and Amy Floyd

Jamison Ford and Robert H. Craft, Jr.

William and Kathleen Frazier

Edwin Gatewood and Kirk Adams

Pam and Royce Gibson

James Gladden

David W. and Julie Houk Goodrich

Brooke and Paul Greenberg

Julie & David Greer

Judith C. Hall

Joe & Evy Harman

Mike Hirrel and Beth Colmery

Frank and Patricia Howe

Jim and Pam Huggins

Elizabeth Janthey

Rita Markey and Dennis Johnson

Fred Jones

Fred and Rosalyn Myers Kniss

Cathy and Carter Lively

Sandra G Logan

Don Harrell’s nieces and nephews

Sarah Marshall

John and Cathy Matherly

Robin McNallie

Kate McSweeny

Marie C Milnes-Vasquez

Evan, Brian & John Morris and Sarah Holmes

James J. and Joan Mummery

Dede O’Donnell

Donna Jo Pangburn

Miguel Pellon and Teri Self-Pellon

Joy and David Peyton

Robert Pierce

Dr. Jane T. Pietrowski

Matthew Poteat

Jim and Vicki Printy

John M. Reid

Dianne Rodman

Jim & Heather Rogus

Carol C. Ross

Becca Schad

Jackie Schwimmer, in honor and appreciation of Ralph Alan Cohen *

Diane Sheehey, Esq. & Matthew Page Jones, MD

Katie and Ken Shevlin

Richard and Pam Simons

Ethel M. Smeak

Curt and Susan Smith

Jim Sofka

Dr. and Mrs. Fred L. Fox Gail P. and Frederick L. Fox of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg

John and Sylvia Theriault

Jade Underwood

Rachel Vere Nicoll

Bonnie Bernstein and Hank Dobin

Ruth L. Zetlin


Knights(Up to $249)

Melissa D Aaron

Kathleen Abel

Brian Adams

Emma Adelman

Ellen Agler

Jonno Alcaro

Frank & Grace Alexander

Michael Alexander

Michael and Violet Allain

John and Gladys Allen

Peter Allen

Christopher Ambrose

Chris Anderson

Anonymous (28)

David and Julia Archer

Cheryl Armstrong

Margaret Armstrong

Alice Arnwine

Lisa Asbury

James P. Ascher

Carl O Atkins

Amanda Avery, in memory of Robert Avery

Gary Ayers

Kenneth Ayers

Brian Bachman

Stephanie Balarzs in honor of my family

Drs. Michele & James Ballou

Daniel Bamber

Frank Barberio

Robert and Faith Bedford

Eric & Kay Beers

Theresa Beigie

Terry Belanger

Elizabeth Belson

Katherine Beysselance

Lisa Birchler

Jeffrey Bishop

Thomas Bisio

Trevor Blow

Nancy Bollen

Richard Bolton

Marlena Hobson

Nan Boyd

Cheryl & Earl H. Bragg, Jr.

Robert Bramwell

Benjamin and Colleen Branche

Benjamin Breeden

Barry Brown

Danny Brown

Joshua Brown

Lisa Brown

Christine Brzozowski

Ty Buckman & Jody Rambo

Patty Bumgarner

Joel and Susan Bundy

John Barclay Burns

Melinda Burrell

James W. Callison III and Deborah Stiles Callison

Wendy Campbell

Michele Capron

Dabney and Isabell Carr

Tamara Carver

Daniel Casey

Elizabeth and Joseph Cassidy

Annalisa Castaldo *

David Catanese

Francis Cate

Kate Cesarski

Matthew Charles

Raymond L., Jr. and Elaine G. Chenette

Paula and Francis A. Cherry, Jr.

Tim Christenson

Nancy Christy

Harry Clark, Jr.

David Clark, Margaret Clark, and Dr. Sara Lundquist

Gary and Jennifer Clarke

Dudley D Flanders

Dawn & David Coe

Curtis P. and Betty J. Coffman

Alan Cohen

Andrew Colenbrander and Sarah Wiley

John Colley

Mary Collier

Brandon Collins and Judy Mosedale

Elizabeth A. Collins

Rosalind Collins

Eduard Almodovar Cotto

Karen and William Coulter

Mary Cowley

Lee Cox

James Craft

Anne Hanger and Bob Craycroft in memory of James Settle

Donald Creach and Karen Raschke

Jessica Crist

George Cronk & Pamela Sullivan

David Cross

Ellen and John Crowley *

Jess and Laura Crumbley

Brian Curtiss

Karin and Michael Custy

Donna Danner

John Darr

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Davis, Jr.

Christine de Fontenay

Catherine DeCata

Steven Dell

Anthony Delmedico

Gerard Denion

Marshall Deppe

Hank and Bobi Deyerle

Joe & Mary Beth Dickey

Katherine Dillon

Guy Dixon

Savage & G. Doggett

John Dolansky

Carol Donohue

Peter Doolittle

Madison Doss

Trevor Drake

Robert E. and Tommie Duke

Carolyn W. Dull

Jim Duncan & Ella

Asa Dunnavant

Lorie Merrow and Tom DuVal

Marcus Dyer

Mary Lou Wiley and Lennis Echterling

Gerlinde Edwards & George P. Manson, Jr.

Paul & Jacqueline Edwards

Elite Personnel

Michelle Eller

David & Barbara Elliott

Gloria Elliott

Sam and Carol Enloe *

Sarah E Enloe

Cheryl Etelvari

Cathryn Evans

Roland Fabia

Chris Farina and Jacqueline Dugery

Peter Farrell, in honor of Don Harrell

Tom and Diane Fechtel

Jane Fellows

William Ferguson

Ellen Ferrante

Fred and Phyllis Fevrier

Diane Fischer

Andrea & Andrew Fisher

Lia Fisher-Janosz *

Daniel Foley

James Ford

Dan and Kathy Foster

Mike Fowler

Julie Fox

Kathy Franklin

Shane Franklin

David and Kate Franzen

Tom & Carrie French

Michael & Nicole Putnam-Frenchik

Pamela Friedman and Ronald Bailey *

Joseph E. Fritsch, III

David Fuller

Rachel Gaffin

Catherine Gahres & James Woolford

Thomas Galloway

Brett Gann *

Jessica Gardiner

James & Mary John

Warren M Gareiss

Joyce Garner

Jean Garvin

Benjamin Clark Gathright

Debra Gentile-Wood

Adrienne George and Kenneth Ludwig

Stephen Gheen and Cathy Lynn Moore

Alexander Goehring

William Goode

Maria Goodman

Renee Staton & Steve Grande

Lynn & Stanley Grimm

Carol Gruenburg

Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Grupe

Christine Gyovai

Christopher Habenicht

Patricia Haines-Ainsworth

Mary Margaret Hall

Wayne Hall

Sandra Hamilton

Heather Hare

James & Sharon Harrigan

Kathleen C Harrigan

Ray Harris

Allen C. and Susan Hart

Brian Hart

Sue Haseltine

Janine Hathorn

James J Hawkins

Brian Hawkins

Edith Hawthorne

Teena Hazel

Mr and Mrs. Stanley S. Hazen

Anne Hedman

Janne and Daniel Heifetz

Louise Helland

Harold Henriksen

Renée Herrell

David & Carolyn Herring

Scott & Kim Herron

Jacklyn & Jason Higgins

Ken & Alice Hill

Jamie Hiner

Gary Hobson

Joel and Katherine Hoffman

Brian E Hogg

Eric Holdsworth

Mike and Sara Holmes

Stanley Honour

Larry and Pat Hoover

Edward Horkan

Marion Horsley

Edwin Horton, in memory of Don Harrell

David Howard

Pamela Howard-Brooks

Stephanie A. Howieson

Kevin Huff

Angela L Hughes

Thad Humphries and Elizabeth Killeen *

David Hunt and Ellen Aiken

Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Hutchinson

John Ianacone

Makishi Inaba

Iris Ioffreda

Deb Jacksokn

Maryellen Jadick

Shonte Jenkins

Melissa Jennings

Frank and Kathy Haynes Johnson

Aimie Jones

Neal Kassell

Janet Katz

Thomas Keeler

Dr. Susan Blair Green

Pat Kelley

Edward Kelly

Karen Kelly

Stephen T Kelly

James Kempf

Brian Kenna

Steven Kessler

Marguerite Kiely and Chester Ashby

June and Dave King

Corey Kinna

Billy Kinsey

Jason Kirby

Savanna Klein

Henry Knight

Kimberly Knotts

Rudoph Koehle

Richard Koepsell

Hattie C Kolp

Dennis & Lorraine Kruse

E F Charles and Lorene LaBerge

Joe and Sylvia Lackey

Joseph Lamantia

Marie Lambert

Barry M. Lamont, M.D. *

Kenneth O. and Linda Larson

Larry and Jane Lehman

Isabelle Lelogeais

Patricia LeMaster

Frank Lemoine

Judith LePera

George Levis and Therese Creel

Bryan & Ottilia Lewis

Rebecca Lindsay

Roger Lippitt

Leigh A Littleton

Sonya Singer Livingston

Filip Loncke

Bree Luck

Karen Luck

Joe Lundsford

David Lusk

Corey Lynn

Robert Lyons

Mark & April Macdicken

Christopher Mack

Ken Mackovic

Carrie Macon

Lauren Magnussen

Colleen Magrath

Steven Raymond Majewski

Carolyn Mann

Clark Marshall in Memory of Don William Harrell

Kanise Marshall

Ellen & Larry Martin

Phyllis Martin

Bobetta Matthes

Jan McCarthy

Liz and Joe McCue

Kathleen McCue

Jennifer Meadows

John and Carol Mebane

The Mersol Family

Dave and Debbie Metz

Paul and Nancy Metz

Drs. John and Betty Mill

Carolyn Millard

Pete Miller

Michael Milona

Alok Mohan

Margaret Mohrmann

Stephen Moll

Hazel C. Moore

Janet Moore-Coll *

Mark and Rachel Morgan

Deidre Morrison

Shirley Mullenax

Linda Muller

Barbara Myers

Dara & Rick Myrah

Morgan Nalley

Jacquelyn Nasca

Maria Navarro

Lawrence Neff

Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt

Michele Nelson

Barbara Neumann

Nicholas Newlin

Wayne and Terry Nicolosi

Stephanie and James Nohrnberg

Deborah Norton and Jonathan Sledge, in honor of Gary Walton

Karen Nutt

Ben Nye

Beth O’Connor

Michael Oak

Robert Odell

John Ogden

Joyce OQuinn

Matthew Overacker

Jordan Owens

Charles Palmer

Janet Parshall

Elena Patrice

Deborah Patton

Deborah Pavay-Thompson

Robert F. Paviour, Jr. and Margaret B. Paviour

Kathryn & Roger Pede

David Percival

Jean Peterson

Kathryn Peterson

Patricia Petrozza

Joe and Gerrie Phibbs

Jim and Nancy Pickens

Jennifer Pike

Sarah Plummer

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pollard

Harry Porter

Donald Pressley

Paula Prince

Stephen Prisley

Karen and David Pugh

Alexandra Punelli

Robert and Johanne Purple

Stephanie Pyle

Larry and Diane Ragland, in memory of Charlie Savage Irwin

Ellen Raphaeli

Robert and Mary Reader

Benjamin Reed

Leslie Reidel

Randy Holmes

Ronald Ries

Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Robinson

Thom and Leslee Rochford

Debra Roush

David Ruffner

Michael Rush

Patrice Sadler

Lucille Salatin

Dino Salin

Robert C. and Margie G. Sallies

Randall Salzman & Jeanne Liedtka

Thomas J Saunders and Elizabeth H Lewis

Suzanne Schaeffer and Ignacio Provencio

Philip E Schaeffer

Anne & Paul Schatz

Robert Scheid

Andy Scherzer

Donald Schiber

Benstone Schwartz

Harry Shannon

William Shannon

Patrick Shea

Kirk & Norma Sheap

Diane Sheehey, Esq. & Matthew Page Jones, MD *

Susanne Shelton

Cari Shipp

Joan and Mike Shisler

Chris Shope

Vivian Sillmon

William Simmons

BT and Ellen Simpson *

Joseph F. and Margaret Skovira

Craig Slingluff

Elliot and Retta Slotnick

Kristie Smeltzer

Jeffrey W. and Linda Sobel

Rose Ann Soloway

Colin Southall

Sally P Southall

Jena Spearin

Jayendran Srinivasan

Michael St.Thomas

Frank and Margie Stanonik

Matt Stansberry

Laura Steenburgh

Thomas Stoecker

Lorri A. Stone and David S. Allen

Sandra Stowers

Tom Stricklandf

MaryAnn Stripling

Marla and Rob Stuebner

Carolyn Suffern

John and Kristin Swanlund

Barbara Swilley

David and Susan Talley

Mark Tappan

Esther Thatcher

Thomas Jefferson Area Combined Federal Campaign

Jamal Thomas

Elise and Mac Thompson

Kelly Thorkilson

Rebecca Thornton

Anthony G Thurston

Mary and Wayt Timberake

Judith Titterton

Alfred and Susan Tomasello

Amy Trumbull

Charlotte Tsoucalas

Kimberly Tucker

Paula Underberg

United Way of Asheville Combined Federal Campaign

Leonard Uptain

Joe Van Eaton & Trish Brown

German Vargas

Rosamond Vaughan

Joan Vehik, in honor of Don Harrell

Ralph Vetter

Jennifer Voss

Robert O. Waldbauer Jr.

Karen E Walker

Thomas Walker

James and Kathleen Wallis, in honor of Grace Wallis

Jeffrey and Beverly Ward

Dennis Ward in memory of Lynne Landsberg & Sarah Dwyer

Dawn Warfield

Heather A. Warren

Joanne Waterman

Martha Watkin

Wanda Weaver

Michael Webb

John and Tracey Webber

Allison Weber and Charles Melton

Robert Weinmann

Jane Wemhoener

Hugh and Connie Westfall

David Whitcomb

David Whitcomb

John B. White

Judith Wiegand

Theresa Williams

Janice Willis

Sharon & Scott Wilson

Judith Wolf

Samuel Womack

Scott Womack

Alicia Wood

Dennis Woodriff

Cheryl Woods

Neil Worden

Tom Wright

J B Yowell

Aaryn Zablocki


Hospitality Partners

The Blackburn Inn

Frederick House

 Stonewall Jackson Hotel

 Conference Center


In bold are those who have shown support for the ASC by making an annual contribution for the past five years or more.

* Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

List reflective of donations received between May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019

Contributions from public and private institutions are a vital part in furthering  the American Shakespeare Center’s artistic and educational programming. 

Through corporate matches, donors to the American Shakespeare Center can double the value of their gift at no additional cost Ask your HR department if your company has a matching gift program or click here for a list.

Institutional Support

The Ambrose Monell Foundation

The Clayton-Royer Family Fund

Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge

The Edmund Beck Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts Art Works

National Endowment for the Arts Shakespeare in American Communities

The New York Community Trust and John Robert Gregg Fund

Proteus Foundation

Ratcliffe Foundation

Shubert Foundation

Virginia Commission for the Arts


Corporate Matching Gifts

Aetna Foundation

Bank of America

Coille Limited Partnership, LP


Google Inc.


SunTrust Bank


In bold are those who have shown support for the ASC by making an annual contribution for the past five years or more.

* Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

List reflective of donations received between May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019

Long-term job security gives actors the freedom and security to use their skills and talents to further the creation of works by, inspired by, and in conversation with Shakespeare. Contributions to this fund helps that ASC to fund full-time Actor-Manager positions for dedicated ASC actors. 

In his role as Actor-Manager for Text, John Harrell safeguards ASC’s commitment to Shakespeare’s words and Actor-Manager for Music, Chris Johnston, builds on his work making music reverberate through the Blackfriars’ oaken columns.

Actor-Manager Fund

John Attig

John Chamberlin

William C. “Jack” and Sandra C. Davis


In bold are those who have shown support for the ASC by making an annual contribution for the past five years or more.

* Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

List reflective of donations received between May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019

The Phoenix Society welcomes all people who have generously included the ASC into their estate plans and/or as a beneficiary of a charitable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. As a member of the Phoenix Society, your legacy cab secure the impact of the ASC for generations to come.

Phoenix Society: A lasting legacy

The Phoenix Society welcomes all people who have generously included the ASC into their estate plans and/or as a beneficiary of a charitable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy.

Anonymous (2)

Ralph & Judy Cohen

Chris & Betsy Little

Bud & Martha Flanders

Stephen & JoAnn Larson

Phil & Cheri Moran

Robert & Letty Ann Macdonald

Jean Quinlan

Joan Saxton, MD.

Nancy Trioke


In bold are those who have shown support for the ASC by making an annual contribution for the past five years or more.

* Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

List reflective of donations received between May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019

The Sidney Stark III Memorial Scholarship Fund supports the American Shakespeare Center’s Theatre Camp which empowers high school students to leap into college life through the learning experiences within Shakespeare’s text. Named for Sidney Stark, an English teacher who dedicated his life to sharing the joy of language, this fund invests in students’ performance training, academic exploration, and the opportunity to share their passion with new friends from across the country.

Sidney Stark III Memorial Scholarship Fund,
supporting ASC Theatre Camp

Harvey & Naomi Cohen

Joe & Mary Beth Dickey

David and Kate Franzen

Jason Lyman and Kristen Atkins

Seth and Sharon Stark

Sidney Stark, Jr.

Rodney Young


In bold are those who have shown support for the ASC by making an annual contribution for the past five years or more.

* Members of our Prospero Society Recurring Donation Program

List reflective of donations received between May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019