Today’s Date: July 8


Show Title: Troilus and Cressida

Director: Mili Konceliik

Assistant Directors: Marielle Buxbaum and Austen Bell

Stage Manager: Amy Hartt

Dramaturg: A H. Poma

What we did

We did so much today. We luckily had a double rehearsal day in the playhouse meaning we had missions to be completed. In our first rehearsal, we began with a dynamic game of Eastenders, as to be expected, before we moved on to blocking. While we were blocking, everyone not in those scenes were downstairs working with Marielle and Austen in Tyson. Later, Joan worked on sound cues and the show song while Mili worked upstairs on the eavesdropping scene. Once we finished the blocking, we ran that same scene and moved Mili to tears. We then took a break to have a bountiful dinner at Hunt.

Once we returned we immediately began to work on the prologue and how to embody it. We then did an absolutely fantastic full run of the show with everything we have blocked up until now, then did notes. Once that was finished we presumed work on the Prologue where Mili gave the cast five minutes to figure everything out together, in silence. Then we worked on refining and combining the directorial vision and the instincts of the cast. Happily, we ended to head back to the dorms, and get some rest for our second double day tomorrow.

Quick and Quotable

  • From the Play
    • “What, blushing still? Have you not done talking yet?” – Pandarus
    • “Cressid is mine, tied with the bonds of heaven.” -Troilus

The first quote is Pandarus coming to doublecheck on Cressida and Troilus, to see if his pandering (Do you understand his name now?) attempts have succeeded.

The second quote is during the eavesdropping scene, where Troilus witnesses the love token which he gave to Cressida be taken away by Diomed. This a sort of wicked twist of what we expect to happen, and hear from Troilus. 

  • From the Director
    • “Show us your bits” – Mili
    • “We need to decide what a man looks like” – Mili
    • “You will come together and make the prologue.” *The entire cast is visibly panicked* – Mili, and everyone else
  • From the Cast
    • “I’m about to officiate, Mom” – Pax
    • “Your wife is so pretty and mine is not” – Hudson
    • “I’m feeling so discovered by the torch” – Bee
    • “I was trying to imagine myself having a dick” – Willow
    • “I mean, thats what people in love do, right?” John

Production Insights 

Despite the day’s length and emotions some extreme progress was done despite how few scenes we worked. Seeing the campers grow into familiarity with their lines (in lieu of their off book date for the first half of the show tomorrow) is truly beautiful to watch. The emotions have become clear, and the intentions clearer. Everyone is taking ownership of our show and clearly enjoying what we are doing every day.

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