After an action-packed orientation day, today was our official first day of camp! And what a day it was. Campers spent the morning auditioning, then attended acting and improv workshops before learning the cast list and reading through the plays with their directors for the first time.

Here are some pictures from morning auditions.

Campers started out by collaborating to make tableaustries (full group stage pictures inspired by specific text and prompts). Then, they performed their monologues. Next up were cold reads of scenes, where many wild and wonderful spontaneous choices were made. Finally we had the lightening round, where campers showed off any random talent they wanted to show the production teams.


What really stood out to me was how willing every camper was to take take risks, perform, have fun, and most of all, support their peers. We have a really special group at ASCTC and I am looking forward to seeing how every individual camper grows over the course of our three weeks together!


The last part of today I want to highlight is our readthrough. This summer, I have the privilege of dramaturging for Comedy of Errors, and I loved seeing all the campers embrace the silliness head-on! Campers discovered which twin was which (or tried to), experimented with silly voices, and were introduced to the wonders of scaring people with spaghetti. What does it all mean? Stay tuned for more (and of course, come and see the show!).


I will be back every day recapping rehearsals for the Comedy of Errors and keeping you up to date on all the antics of our cast in this wacky show. For now, I will bid you adieu!


Quote of the day:

“The pressure of witchcraft is heavy” – Natasia (our fearless director)

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