ASC Education is bringing its SHXcademy workshop series to the internet FOR EVERYONE!

Join the Education Team and ASC artists via streamed learning at an affordable per student rate available for families or individuals. We take the practices of the rehearsal room and introduce them to students in our workshops.  We’ll help them break Shakespeare’s text into pieces, like a puzzle that connects character, story, and compelling moments.  When they watch the pieces come to life on stage, students will gain ownership of Shakespeare and see what teachers have espoused for years: Shakespeare is for now.

The Registration fee of just $100 per household includes a Zoom meeting link to the four workshops hosted live from the Blackfriars Stage plus a digital ticket to the relevant BlkFrsTV streaming production!




About The Workshops

Introduction to Rhetoric

If we still use 98% of the words Shakespeare used, then why is he sometimes hard to understand? This workshop cracks the code by breaking down figures of speech and illuminating them as clues for character. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it–and you might start using the techniques in your own communication.

Embedded Stage Directions

Little to no rehearsal time in Shakespeare’s theatre meant he had to give actors as much information as possible in the text. This workshop invigorates words and gives them life through clues for stage movement, emotional choices, and given circumstances. Explore how Shakespeare used the text to direct and see how simple choices can change the scene and create a different story.

Direct Address

What’s the difference between shared light and theatrical light design? Long speeches become active dialogues when an actor can talk to the audience, and in this workshop, you’ll experience the world Shakespeare and his actor created plays in, as well as the techniques ASC actors engage with, to make choices about when to bring the audience into the play. Using methods developed by ASC actors, you will find out how audience becomes character and character becomes intense.

Directing Shakespeare

This workshop helps students explore the performances choices within Shakespeare’s text by applying the principles used in the rehearsal rooms and performance spaces of the ASC, including embedded stage directions, pronoun choices, character address, and audience contact. Participants will make artistic choices based on their new knowledge and direct the ASC actors in a scene from our repertory.