Today’s Date: Sunday, July 7

Show Title: The Comedy of Errors

Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Scarlet Frishman, Sam Grocock (RDAs), Isabella Pizzitola, Naomi Stephenson (interns)


What we did


Today was all about blocking, verse work, and fight choreography! We finished blocking Act IV, including the very complicated Act IV Scene 4, and we began our work on Act V. Campers who were not working on a scene were hard at work scanning their lines, practicing verse, or doing character work. As Act IV Scene 4 includes several moments of combat, RDA Jake came in and worked with campers on combat.

Here are some pictures from today, featuring our muses in their wigs and some blocking from Act IV Scene 3.

Production insights

I laughed so much during rehearsal today! This play is so fun and I cannot wait to share it with audiences. I was also very impressed by the verse work the campers are doing. Breaking down iambic pentameter is not easy, and everyone is making fantastic progress. I also loved getting to watch Jake work on fight choreography and create some amazing slapstick comedy moments.


quote of the day:

“Through the forest have I gone, but Samantha have I found none” – Natasia


Tomorrow we will be back in the Blackfriars Playhouse, and I will be back and updating this blog!

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