Today was a low-key day at camp! With a free morning on their hands, many campers checked out to go to the Saturday Farmers’ Market downtown, or generally to shop and take in the town of Staunton. After lunch (whether in the dining hall or at one of the small businesses downtown), we gathered in the library to hear dramaturgy presentations.


First, Naomi Stephenson presented about The Comedy of Errors, expounding on the need for joy and fun in a difficult world in a difficult time. Her presentation was short and sweet, and included the production history of Comedy and some of its adaptations, musical and otherwise.

It is a sweet comedy!


Next Andrew Poma presented on Troilus and Cressida, that famously easy-to-understand play about Greek heroes, as shown in this straightforward family tree diagram here:

It hath no bottom


In addition to a history of the real Troy, Poma asked the campers to submit their definition of love, and then presented on themes of courtly love and chivalry in the play – which is, after all, despite its Greek subject matter, a medieval romance.


Besides the dramaturgy presentations, camp also had rehearsals for showcase – look out for an impressively choreographed three-way handshake in Gallathea, not that I’m biased. They also got to attend The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] [revised] [again] for a second time – this time with even more audience input, and featuring Ophelia’s ego, Bob, played by a small and appropriately dramatic child audience member.


The past two days have been a little tense, but we’re looking forward to (knock on wood) resuming normalcy in the next day or two. Tomorrow it’s back to rehearsal, including some music rehearsing for showcase!! Let’s go banjolele!

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