Take your education to the next level with an ASC Internship

Our internships allow you to hone your education with hands-on, practical experience.

Recover the joy of Shakespeare
  • Become an expert in early modern theatre practice
  • Make history vital to present theatrical practice
  • Translate the past into a dynamic present
Explore the work of a major theatre company
  • Work in a professional theatre company
  • Gain new knowledge and skills
  • Contribute to the style and development of a not-for-profit business
Practice the skills required to bring performance and education to the public.
  • Hone your craft through hands-on, practical experience
  • Work with experts in Arts Administration, Education, Development, and Marketing
  • Gain connections in the world of Shakespeare Theatres and Scholars

Stipended internships


Un-stipended internships

Artistic department:
  • Costumes
  • Production Assistant
  • Assistant to Stage Manager
  • Casting
Education Department:
  • Media & Technology
  • Academic Resources
  • Dramaturgical Research
  • Archives
  • Hospitality
  • MBC Undergraduate
  • ASCTC Internships
Administrative Departments:
  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Development