Close 2014 with an Investment in Imagination, and help the ASC grow in 2015 and all the years to come.
The American Shakespeare Center seeks experienced candidates for the position of Camp Life Director to assist the Director of College Prep Programs to coordinate and manage the ASC Theatre Camp, an intensive summer training program for teens.
Check here for ASC's Policies on Cameras and Recording Devices, Bringing Kids to the Blackfriars Playhouse, Access Services, Inclement Weather Policy, and Parking.
Performances will continue as scheduled unless we experience a loss of power or there are extremely dangerous conditions. For patrons who cannot travel safely to the Playhouse, we will waive our standard exchange fee. Learn more...

Education & Research

Applications for the 2015 ASC Theatre Camp are now open! Shakespeare enthusiasts ages 13-18 are encouraged to join us next summer for HENRY V, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, CYMBELINE, JULIUS CAESAR, CORIOLANUS, and THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA.
Join us for our Winter Teacher Seminar, January 30th-31st, exploring classroom activities for THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.
The American Shakespeare Center's Education Department offers a variety of internships throughout the year, providing an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching or higher education.
The American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp seeks show directors and counselors -- spend part of your summer with our amazing campers, preparing shows for the stage of the Blackfriars Playhouse.

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On Stage Now


A Christmas Carol


The 2014/15 Method in Madness Tour takes a break from touring the country to give you some ghostly season’s greetings. Marley, the three Christmas ghosts, the Cratchits, and Tiny Tim are all back to take Scrooge on the ride of his money-grubbing life. Expect to be right in the middle of this beloved tale with new twists, surprises, and a production filled with music and cheer for the whole family.  MORE...


The 12 Dates of Christmas


What happens when Mary sees her fiancé making out with his co-worker on national TV at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? She dumps him and drops her engagement ring into a Salvation Army kettle. She then spends the next year being setup, hooked up, strung up, and fed up as she navigates her life “alone” as a New York actor in her thirties— “Sex and the City” for real people, with no Mr. Big in sight.  MORE...


The Santaland Diaries


The Santaland Diaries is an outrageously funny one-man play (from National Public Radio’s well-loved humorist David Sedaris) about the author’s experiences as an unemployed actor/writer taking a job as an elf at Macy’s department store in New York City. This delightfully tart tale takes a wry look at how the holiday season brings out the best – and the worst – in us all.  MORE...




Hamlet struggles to discern reality from illusion in the rotten state of Denmark as he copes with the loss of his father, his mother’s remarriage, and life’s biggest questions. For centuries, audiences have seen themselves in the brilliant, troubled prince at the center of this ghost story, comedy, seven-murder revenge thriller, and philosopher’s gold mine.  MORE...


Much Ado about Nothing


While the villainous Don John devises a scheme to shatter the nuptials of Claudio and Hero, the young lovers conspire to trick Beatrice and Benedick into admitting their much-denied love. In this powerful comedy full of sparkling wit, Shakespeare makes us laugh and breaks our hearts, then magically puts them back together again.  MORE...

Coming Soon



The Taming of the Shrew

This hilarious comedy is much more than a “battle of the sexes”; it is also a profound look at the necessity of “play” in our lives.  Blending romantic comedy and outlandish farce, Shakespeare gives us a love story of psychological liberation and the mysteries of being married.  MORE...

The Rover

A group of amorous English exiles revel through Naples during Carnival in this witty comedy featuring disguises, thefts, catfights, and lovestruck antics of all kinds.  Aphra Behn was one of England’s first professional female writers, and her voice shines in her heroines, including a reluctant nun, a famous courtesan, and a thieving wench.  MORE...


The White Devil

When the spouses of Vittoria Corombona and the Duke of Brachiano discover their partners’ infidelities, revenge knows no bounds. Ambitious schemes, murderous plots, and devilish double-crosses run rampant in Rome as the lovers attempt to protect their affair. MORE...

Every Man

Every Man in His Humour

Larger-than-life characters collide when Brainworm, a clever servant, works to foil the plans of his master, Knowell, through a series of deceptions and disguises that take him all over London. Jonson uses a single day and a single setting to weave a tight picture of everyday life in a bustling Early Modern city comedy.  MORE...


Mother Bombie

Four controlling fathers attempt to engineer advantageous matches for their children, but the children in question have their own ideas about love. Mix in four overly-helpful servants, a slew of disguises, a pair of uncomfortably in-love siblings, and a nurse with a big secret, and the fathers’ best-laid plans quickly unravel.  MORE...


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Shakespeare in American Communities

We are proud to acknowledge that the American Shakespeare Center receives financial support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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The 12 Dates of Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014, 5:00 pm

A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol

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The Santaland Diaries

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A Christmas Carol

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The 12 Dates of Christmas

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