Each year at our Annual Benefit Celebration, the American Shakespeare Center presents two awards to outstanding individuals whose professionalism, passion, and commitment to Shakespeare’s work is truly worthy of recognition.

The Robin Goodfellow award

Honoring a person whose contributions to the ASC have been fundamental to the mission of making the joys of Shakespeare accessible to all.

2020 honoree:

Dr. Allison Baroco

Previous honorees:

Chris and Betsy Little, 2019

The Citzens of Staunton, 2018

Robert C. Vaughan III, 2017

Thomas K. McLaughlin Jr., 2016

Marelena Hobson and Paul Borzelleca, 2015

Dudley D. and Martha Flanders, 2014

Cynthia Tyson, Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation, 2013

Pamela Fox and Dan Layman, 2012

Ronald E. and Edith Carrier, 2011

John A. Gillies and Lydia J. Petersson, 2010

Ellen Brock and Joe Borzelleca, 2008

Preston C. and Jane Manning, Jr., 2007

Lawrence and Pat Hoover, 2006

Gordon Smyth, Smyth Foundation, 2005

Lee S. Cochran, 2004

Thomas R. and Patricia Cabe, 2003

Joe and Evy Harman, Frederick House, 2002

Bill and Jackie Hamilton, 2001

Jim Andreas, 2000

Debra Drummond, 1999

Robin McNallie and Chris Edwards, 1998

Fletcher Collins, 1997

Dave and Carol Warren, 1996

George W. and Harriet P. Williams, 1995

Amalie Kohn, 1994

Barbara A Mowat, 1993

The Burbage award

Honoring a person whose career has significantly advanced the love of Shakespeare’s work through the public production of his plays.

2020 honoree:

All 2,538 people who participated in “Keeping the Lights On” when the theatre had to close in March 2020.

Previous Honorees:

Paul Gross and Martha Burns, 2019

Ty Jones, 2018

Lesley Currier, 2017

Tim Carroll, 2016

Janet Griffin, Artistic Producer of the Folger Theatre, 2015

James “Doc” Ayres and James Loehlin, Shakespeare at Winedale, 2014

Paul and Cathy Nicholson, 2013

Partick Spottiswoode, 2012

Jim Volz and Evelyn Carol Case, 2011

Fred C. Adams, 2010

Tina Packer, 2009

William Patton, 2008