Year Round

Spend Your Friday Nights at ASC!

At 5:00 PM every Friday during show runs, catch a series of lectures, workshops, and panels featuring Shakespeare scholars, Theater industry experts, ASC familiar faces, and speakers from powerful partnerships.

Calendar of speakers and events will be updated throughout the year.


March 3

Eurydice dramaturg, Anthony Pearson

March 10

As You Like It dramaturg, Lia Wallace

March 17, 2023

Dr. Ralph on As You Like It—”Ten Things I Love about As You Like It

March 24, 2023

Building Bridges For The Greater Good

March 31, 2023

Techie Talk with Costume Shop Manager Marie Lupia and Wardrobe Manager Amy Wert

April 7, 2023

Small Scale Performance with actor Michael Blackwood

April 14, 2023

Techie Talk with Technical Properties Director Duck Bracey


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