Programs for professionals

The American Shakespeare Center offers an array of programs to companies and universities interested in our innovative approach to Leadership Training.  Choose from programs lasting from 2 hours to 40, for 10 participants to 300.  We mold each program to the group’s needs and employ the talents of professional leadership coaches from the American Shakespeare Center.

  • Enrichment plus entertainment: An outside of the box experience which includes plays and playing
  • Communications skills: Enhance written and oral presentation skills.  Understand non-verbal messages.  Practice constructive criticism and coaching.
  • Insights into collaboration: Explore leadership styles.  Adapt to multiple challenges.  Begin conversations to ignite innovation.
  • Life lessons: Examine case studies in leadership.  Identify the markers of compelling leaders.  Apply practical approaches.
Why shakespeare?
Shakespeare’s understanding of communication

Words are the currency of negotiation, the bedrock of coaching, the seed of innovation.  Identify nuances in Shakespeare’s plays, develop mediation tools.

shakespeare’s understanding of customers

Every leader has an audience, whether local or global.  Develop essential techniques for reading and winning audiences.

Shakespeare’s understanding of business

Organizations require leaders who operate at the top of their field, employ available technology innovatively, and manage fiscal and staffing challenges.  See how Shakespeare modeled these behaviors in his plays and apply these lessons to your workplace.

Shakespeare’s understanding of people

The words Shakespeare created for the stage have endured because of their truthfulness.  He heard the human voice and gave it to his audiences with remarkable insight and truth.  Learn from his master of communication as you enhance your own.

Take My Team To The Next Level

Practical Competencies:

The ASC uses the plays and characters in Shakespeare’s canon to offer lessons in a number of formats.  Choose from seminars, presentations, retreats, and conference sessions:

  • Shaping your message
  • Supporting your message vocally
  • Managing your physical communication
  • Building community with colleagues
  • Understanding the needs of your audience
  • Achieving precision in communication
  • Using and valuing time
  • Listening actively
  • Coaching and advising others
  • Developing collaboration
Why the american shakespeare center?
  1. We offer class out of the classroom.  No tables, no PowerPoints, no whiteboards.  We employ play and playing, experiential learning, and on the feet activities as our modes of learning.
  2. Our team of experienced actors perform scenes, participants direct scenes, and all collaborate on meaning and leadership.
  3. We offer programs that last from 2 hours to a full week.  We work with groups numbering 10 to 300.  We deliver programs locally and globally.  We customize programs to your needs – whether discipline or topical emphasis.
  4. The American Shakespeare Center has been training leaders for over a decade.
  5. It’s a one-of-a-kind and, most importantly, fun experience.