Shakespeare did not write musicals. He had songs in his shows. ‘Full Fathom Five’ in The Tempest, for example, is a lyric he wrote. But no, he did not write songs. Or musicals. I, however, do write songs. And musicals. Song takes a huge role in Shakespeare’s work though. Henry IV Part One does feature a song sung in Welsh. The American Shakespeare Center also features preshow and interlude music that ties to the show. The campers will be singing and playing music all over the Blackfriars Playhouse stage and they’re going to rock! All the shows are preparing reshow music and they are not to be missed. I am working on Henry IV Part One as the dramaturg and the sound they are creating for the show is exciting. In this vain myself and my friend Theo Teris have written two songs inspired by characters in Henry IV Part One.

A song inspired by Prince Hal and his relationship with Falstaff, entitled “Every War”:
A song inspired by Falstaff, entitled “Put on a Mask”:
Shakespeare has inspired song and musical a like since shows like West Side Story to a more recently published show, the 1980s John Hughes-esque musical Like You Like It. Shakespeare sings. His work inspires and creates a sound world and the all campers and all the audiences are invited to this world!