Today is obviously a day of firsts. First warm ups, first breakfast, first Voice class, first lecture, and (later tonight) first read-throughs. Let’s go!

This morning, the campers warmed up with Jeremy West, head of the Theatre Department at Stuart Hall School.

After warming up, campers had a quick breakfast and then headed over to Stuart Hall’s King Theatre for unified auditions!

After auditions, we all ate lunch. Then, campers headed off to their first Voice class with ASC actor Brandon Carter, who will be the vocal coach for camp this summer. You’ll notice that I don’t have pictures of that session to post… because I was in THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED with the rest of the staff, casting the plays.

Hard at work at casting!

After casting, we joined the campers for a special presentation by Dr. Kate McPherson, who generously allowed the campers to INTERACT WITH HER ACTUAL BEN JONSON FOLIO FROM 1640.

That’s all for now. We’re off to dinner and then read-throughs. Check back tonight for our first round of rehearsal reports!