Love is in the air at the ASC Blackfriars Stage!!!

The past two nights the Campers saw the American Shakespeare Center’s productions of As You Like It and Emma Whipday’s world premiere adaptation of Jane Austin’s Emma.

From Orlando and Rosilind to Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley the campers were taken on a fancy flower filled frolic from Arden to Highbury.

The audience was electric for both shows. Sparks flew on stage and in the audience!

After the production of As You Like It campers were treated to a talkback from some of the actors and after the production of Emma the campers had a meet and greet with the ASC actors!!! Super Exciting!!!

(Pictured: Greg Brostrom, Brandon Carter, Allie Babich, Chris Johnston, John Harrell, Briana Gibson Reeves)

The Campers got to engage with the amazing cast of the resident ASC troupe and, to quote a Camper, “You blow my mind!”

One of our Campers also said, “I got to talk to three of my heroes.”

The plays As You Like It and Emma are about love. The Campers and Actors love the ASC and that shared love for the theatre made for an amazing and educational experience for all.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”- Helena, A Midsummer Night’s Dream