Thursday June 28th

Show Title: Volpone, or The Fox

Director: Mary Finch

Assistant Directors: Miranda McPherson and Chase O’Neill

Production Intern: Abraham Joyner-Meyers

Rehearsal Room: Hunt West


What we did

Today’s rehearsal (our 7th continuous day of rehearsal!) focused on our cast song (dancing choreographed by RDA Chase) and costuming. After practicing our cowboy swagger for “Outlaw in ‘Em” and putting on a fashion show (a different strut all together), we looked at the opening 7 lines of the play, the acrostic “argument” of the play. Both cast and staff are all looking forward to tomorrow’s trip to Sherando Lake.


Quick and Quotable

From the play


V olpone, childless, rich, feigns sick, despairs,
O ffers his state to hopes of several heirs,
L ies languishing: his parasite receives
P resents of all, assures, deludes; then weaves
O ther cross plots, which ope themselves, are told.
N ew tricks for safety are sought; they thrive: when bold,
E ach tempts the other again, and all are sold.


From the director

MASSAGE THERAPIST: You don’t normally see this kind of thing till you’re forty.

FINCH: I’m an overachiever.


From the cast

Adrienne: We’re going to be super cowboys.


Production Insights

While at first the choreographed dance felt exaggerated, quickly the cast integrated their cowboy personas with Jonson’s characters. The archetypes of Jonson’s comedia pastiche blended perfectly with our old-west caricatures. I can’t wait to see this our frontier Italian fusion set on an early modern stage.