The Signal Lights the Sky Over Staunton!

Our ShakesHEROES have answered the call!

As training for their inevitable clash with Shakespeare’s Greatest Villains, our ShakesHEROES took their training to the movie theaters for a showing of Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2!

What has this training done for our ShakesHEROES? Will they be prepared for the Greatest Villains to ever cross the Blackfriars Stage? Or will Duke Frederick and the Nefarious Court of WILLainy be ready for them?

These questions and more will be answered on the ASC Theatre Camp Blog!

Until next time, wish our ShakesHEROES to a restful sleep! Back to rehearsal tomorrow morning!


“I cannot be said to be a flattering honest man, it must not be
denied but I am a plain-dealing villain.” – Don John, Much Ado About Nothing