Friends, Actors, Campers!

Lend me your ears! I come to bear the news that our Campers are, even as I type this information to you, in the process of an epic stage fight workshop. I come from the frontlines to tell you that these campers are doing wonderful work together!

They are learning from each other. They are protecting one another. This safe and fun workshop on the field is being led by Patrick Midgley (ASCTC ‘As You Like It’ Director).

I am happy to report these Campers are becoming more and more ready day by day for their shows!

Campers have also today observed a rehearsal of Richard III, which will be opening on the ASC Blackfriars Stage very soon, where they were working on the final battle of the play.

They have each other, the tenacity, and will to succeed.

The Campers are pushing each other to be the best they can be.


“Fight till the last gasp; I will be your guard.” – Joan, 1 Henry VI