Today’s Date: 07/02/18


Show Title: As You Like It


Director: Patrick Midgley


Assistant Directors: Jessica Andrews and Charlotte La Nasa


Production Intern: Brigid Bakin


Rehearsal Room: Hunt West


What we did: Our work-through continued until we had finished detailing everything through act 3. Then, we ran the show up through act 3.


Quick and Quotable


  • From the play: “If you will see a pageant truly played between the pale complexion of true love, and the red glow of scorn and proud disdain, go hence a little, and I shall conduct you.”
  • From the director: “Get rid of all the ‘happy feet’ movements.”
  • From the cast: “Holla Dennis. The littest servant in the kingdom… holla!”


Production Insights: I can honestly say now that the show is truly coming together. The conglomeration of props, costumes, and, of course, the acting, is definitely starting to show as a final production that is turning out fantastically.

I am extraordinarily proud, and impressed, with all of my campers. I mean, not ‘mine’ per say, but I certainly feel like that. I have watched them all come together from the very first read-through to now. We are running the show with props and costumes, and then going back in detail and making everything picture-perfect. I am so excited to see end result, and I have full confidence in everybody that they will perform so wonderfully, even better than they ever knew they could. Here’s to the next few days! May they go smoothly and joyfully.