Seeing as there be a seafaring nautical thread in some of the shows I say this be the perfect time to scrawl out the day as if I be a scurvy sea-dog!

Yaharg! Seems like we’ve smooth sailing ahead of us, mateys. The shore be far behind and our course is set for the isles of Twelfth NightPericles, and Doctor Faustus. 

Before the campers set out upon their vessel for three weeks they had an amazing voice class with ASC actor Brandon Carter (pictured above).

Each ship (show) has their crew’s (casts) set and have all left port. As they saw their roles upon in their casts we captured their photos and you can gaze at the reactions below!

Each having had their first rehearsal there be no turning back. The horizon be before us and we shall get to the shore of performance together!

The real treasure of being a seafarer (or pirate) is the friendships ye make along the way, not the gold we bury!


“I would not wish any companion in the world but you.” – Miranda, The Tempest