July 28th, 2018

Show Title: Faustus

Director: Matt Minotaur

Assistant Directors: Amanda Rogus, Daniel Casker

Production Intern: Gil Mitchell

Rehearsal Room: Blackfriars Stage

Today, we worked movement bits on the Blackfriar’s stage.

Quick and Quotable

“These metaphysics of magicians,

Ay, these are those that Faustus most desires.” -Faustus, Faustus line 35

“I really need to hear you caw!’ -Matt Minotaur

Caw!” -Campers in the cast

Production Insights

Once again on the Blackfriars stage! With the first run under our belts, the campers are becoming more and more comfortable really getting into their bodies. Acrobatics, creepy demons, transformed animals… these are all things they have to represent on stage. Today, they excelled at that! Tomorrow, we will be in Grafton, and we will finish the song. For now, I’m going to go pack up the costumes for tomorrow morning!