Today’s date: July 28th 2018

Show Title: Twelfth Night

Director: Emily Heugatter

Assistant Directors: Alexandra Stroud and Riley Turner

Production Assistant: Georgia Fowler

Rehearsal Room: Grafton

What we did: We began as always with our warm-up and then moved onto a fight call. We then split into groups to do scene work on individual scenes.

Quick and Quotable: 

  • From the play: “Prove true imagination, oh prove true, that I, dear brother, now be ta’en for you.”
  • From the director: “Keep the specificity and energy of today and apply it to everything we do.”
  • From the cast: “I’m like a depressed rich woman fro New Jersey.”

Production Insights: REHEARSAL WAS SO GOOD TODAY! Emily, Riley, Alex and I were so jazzed after rehearsal today because it went so well. The energy and focus was absolutely incredible. The cast really started to jump on cues and entrances, which was possible because everyone was really solid on their lines. The movement was really tight and specific, which is what we have been looking for, and was, as I said in rehearsal at “As You Like It leve.” (The ASC is doing As You Like It, and part of the reason it is so good is because their movement is so specific.) I am really impressed and excited about today’s rehearsal. Emily told the campers that today really felt like a turning point, and she’s right. It really did.