Tuesday July 29th

Show Title: Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Director: Marshall B Garrett

Assistant Directors: Chase O’Neill and Olivia Pedigo

Production Intern: Abraham Joyner-Meyers

Rehearsal Room: Deming


What we did

In our morning rehearsal, we went into awesome detail work through scenes 1-6. Hope, the camper playing Gower, worked with Isaac, our beatboxing champion, to develop a rhythm for every speech Gower has. Marshall worked Jules (Pericles) and developed relationships between all the other characters in the scene. Scenes were heightened and storms billowed!

Quick and Quotable

From the play

FIRST FISHERMAN: “We’ll have puddings and flapjacks, and thou shalt be welcome.”

From the director

MARSHALL: To Cleon and Dionyza: “Dionyza, you love Cleon the way we all love Dopey.”

From the cast



Production Insights

The energy and focus of the cast is bringing out so many new ideas and amazing talents. From Virginia doing a ‘whip’ dance move before her character kicks the bucket to the progression of the song and dance to the development of music. Two rehearsals today (Monday)!