Today’s Date: 7/1/18
Show Title: Q1 Hamlet
Director: Emily MacLeod
Assistant Directors: Austin Harleson and Olivia Pedigo
Production Intern: Ronee Goldman
Rehearsal Room: Deming

What We Did

We continued to work on the pre-show song. Not only did we solidify ideas for our performance, we also blocked a simpler version to perform during the pre-show of one of the professional shows. Emily then worked through scene 9 onward. Rehearsal ended with some individual text work.

Quick and Quotable

From the Play: “Madam, how do you like this play?”

Well, we like Hamlet a lot, so there’s that.

From the Director: “Even though the words are damning, you’re having fun finding Rossencraft and Gilderstone out.”

Emily talked to Hamlet about the complexity of the language being used and how to play around with the text.

From the Cast: “Larry!”

This is the cast’s endearing nickname for Leartes.

Production Insights

We have made it to the final stretch! In a week from today this show will be performed. It amazes me and makes me so happy to see the hard work that the campers put in every day to make the best show that they can. Camper’s days can be exhausting but they still make time to find the joy in performing and working on this piece.

With one week left, it’s mostly about fine-tuning to ensure the tightest, most energy-packed show possible. Our cast is in a really great place to be in the process and I am sure it will only get better in a week. So to answer the title’s question, I love this play and I love this cast.