Sunday, August 5 is fast approaching and with it, the Final Performance Festival for ASCTC 2018 Session II! The day will be full of excitement, entertainment, and events, so here’s everything you need to know to make the most of the entire experience.

SCHEDULE of events

10:00 AM Brunch* Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center
11:30 AM Welcome to the Festival Blackfriars Playhouse
11:45 AM Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe Blackfriars Playhouse
12:45 PM Lunch Break Pick up pre-ordered box lunches** in the Cutaia Lounge

OR (quickly!) visit one of Staunton’s many downtown dining establishments

1:45 PM Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Blackfriars Playhouse
2:45 PM Coffee Break Cutaia Lounge
3:00 PM Pericles by William Shakespeare & George Wilkins Blackfriars Playhouse
5:00 PM Celebration Picnic* Hunt West
6:00 PM Camper Check-Outs and Departures PEG Dorm



Both the brunch at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel and celebration picnic at Mary Baldwin’s Hunt Dining Hall are complimentary and open to all our campers’ friends and family, but only with an RSVP. Click the button below to go to the Festival RSVP form.

The final day to RSVP is this Sunday, July 29th at 11:59 PM.


When you RSVP for the brunch and dinner, you can also pre-order a boxed lunch from the Baja Bean to enjoy in the Playhouse during the Lunch Break. Boxed lunches can be picked up in the Cutaia Lounge (upstairs lobby of the Playhouse) after Dr. Faustus. If you would like a boxed lunch, you must pre-order it using the RSVP form. We will not have extra lunches available for purchase on the day of the Festival. Click the button below to pre-order a boxed lunch using the Festival RSVP Form.

The final day to pre-order a boxed lunch is this Sunday, July 29th at 11:59 PM.

Festival RSVP Form

other stuff

  • Campers will remain inthe Playhouse during the Festival. Please allow your camper to remain with the other campers until the final photo call.
  • Campers will eat lunch together. The ASC Theatre Camp will provide their lunches. Please do not worry about ordering a boxed lunch for your camper.
  • Brunch is for the campers’ friends and family only; the campers themselves will eat breakfast together as usual and will already be hard at work loading into the Playhouse during the Brunch.
  • We will bring the campers to meet you at the picnic in Hunt West at 5:00 PM. After Pericles, we will gather the campers onstage for group photos. You are welcome to stay and snap photos as well, but please wait for us to bring your camper to you at Hunt West. They still have work to do! We will bring them to the picnic once the Festival has been struck and we’ve loaded out of the Playhouse.
  • Speaking of photography, we will have a professional photographer as well as videographers at the Festival, which means you can enjoy the performances as they’re happening rather than worry about capturing the moment for posterity. The digital photo gallery will be made available to all campers and their families about a week after the festival, and DVDs of the video recordings will be mailed out in the fall.
    • All campers will receive one copy of the DVD. If you would like to order additional copies of the DVDs, please click the button below to go to the order form.

DVD Order Form

And to Conclude, A Note from Dr. Ralph

Dear ASCTC Parents,

This brief note has two purposes—a thank you and a request.

First, I want to thank you for the support you have given your camper to come to the American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp and the trust you have placed in us. Like last session, I was lucky enough to spend time working with your campers, and their intellect and talent wow me while their generous and tolerant spirits move me to a welcome optimism about the future.

Second, we base our work here the idea that making theatre is a collaborative venture, and though we divide the campers into three producing companies, the overriding ethos is for all of the companies to support one another.  In that spirit, I ask that on Sunday you attend not only your camper’s production but also the productions of your camper’s friends.  You’ll be glad you did, partly because each of the shows is different in style and content, but mostly because you can be sharing with your camper their reactions to the work of their friends.

This event is the one that more than any other holds our future—the work of your campers’ generation.


Ralph Alan Cohen
Co-Founder and Director of Mission, American Shakespeare Center

To (slightly) misquote Shakespeare’s Richard III: Though far more cause (yet much less eloquence) to thank abides in me, I say “amen” to all.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!