July 19th, 2018

Show Title: Faustus

Director: Matt Minnicinio

Assistant Directors: Daniel Casker, Amanda “the Panda” Rogus

Production Intern: Gil Mitchell

Rehearsal Room: Hunt West

Today, we blocked several of the first scenes while other campers worked with scansion.

Quick and Quotable

“Jerome’s Bible, Faustus, view it well.” -Faustus, Faustus line 30


Production Insights

Today, we really put our noses to the grind stone. For most people, the kind of work we did to day (Viewpoints, scansion etc.) would be boring. But it can be a lot more exciting than it sounds! This week, we found an interesting pronunciation of “Jerome’s Bible.” According to the meter of the text, it scans “Jer-O-mee’s Bible.” This is a super intriguing insight into early modern pronunciation. It’s things like this that make our work worth it!