Today’s Date: 07/01/18


Show Title: As You Like It


Director: Patrick Midgley


Assistant Directors: Jessica Andrews and Charlotte La Nasa


Production Intern: Brigid Bakin


Rehearsal Room: Hunt West


What we did: We continued our work-through and everything is looking so crisp, and clean, and extraordinarily emotional. Also we added costumes!! The most fun part. Or one of them, at least.


Quick and Quotable


  • From the play: “Love is merely a madness. But I profess curing it by counsel.”
  • From the director: (To Jaques) “Don’t do the Michael Jackson backwards walk.”
  • From the cast: (Commenting upon a stage direction) “So not Touch-stone. But Distance-stone.”


Production Insights: Today was the day for costumes! Everyone was super hyped for it, as costume parades are always an occasion to rejoice and get hyped. Seeing everyone’s reaction to their, or someone else’s costumes was one of the most fulfilling things after having spent as much time as the production crew did choosing everything.

Costumes add so much to an already amazing production. The campers are really throwing themselves into this production with everything that they have and it is such a wonderful, and inspiring process to watch. I am super excited for the final week, and the culmination of all of their, and my, hard work.