Today’s Date: 07/06/18


Show Title: As You Like It


Director: Patrick Midgley


Assistant Directors: Jessica Andrews and Charlotte La Nasa


Production Intern: Brigid Bakin


Rehearsal Room: Hunt West


What we didPatrick ran through all of his notes from the dress rehearsal last night, and then we worked songs and a few choice places in the show that needed slight tweaking. Then we ran a speed-through of the entire show, which is when the play is run at full intention, but without props and costumes, and also with the lines spoken as fast as the actors can spit them out, provided they can be understood. After that, each scene transition was worked through so each one could be executed more smoothly.


Quick and Quotable


  • From the play: “In the spring time, the only pretty ring time, when birds do sing hey ding a ding ding. Sweet lovers love the spring.”
  • From the director: “Silvius is more of an emo poet guy.”
  • From the cast: “Thank you pigeon.” Has become a common statement. It stems from a sound cue used in the show. (Bonus point if you can find the pigeon during the performance.)


Production Insights: Even though it is painfully obvious to everyone at camp that it is summer, we are yet in the spring of camp. Camp lives in spring time, in my opinion. New things are ever growing, and ever changing. The campers are blooming into amazing actors with endless potential, and I am but a careful gardener of this beautiful little garden.

Flowers alone are beautiful in and of themselves, but when grown together they have a whimsical sort of magic that entices and enchants all those who look on. So too are these campers. Every single camper, in every single show, commands the attention of each looker-on with such grace that it has become quite mesmerizing. With every passing day I become more and more proud of my cast, and more and more eager to share their amazing feat of skill with the world.