July 22nd, 2018

Show Title: Faustus

Director: Matt Macchiato

Assistant Directors: Amanda Rogus, Daniel Casker

Production Intern: Gil Mitchell

Rehearsal Room: Demming Black Box

Today, we start to block the fights of the show.


Quick and Quotable

“Here will we stay to bide the first assault.” –Benvolio, Faustus line 587

“Can you be more ghosty? There you go!” -Matt Macchiato

“I’m like a giddy kid!” -Preston, as the Emperor


Production Insights

Stage combat is a vital part of early modern plays. So many have sword fights, fist fights, bar fights, slap fights and almost any other type of fight of which one could think. Not only is it visually interesting, it’s an excellent exercise in acting: movement, breath control and vocals are all called for. Our show does not feature too many “fights” per se, but in several places there are choreographed moments of stage violence. I have had so much fun helping teach stage combat in a safe, forgiving environment!


As we wrap up the first full week of camp, it looks like the production is in a really good place. Today is our “off-book” day, and so far everything seems to be on schedule!