July 29th, 2018

Show Title: Faustus

Director: Matt Maraschino

Assistant Directors: Amanda Rogus, Daniel Casker

Production Intern: Gil Mitchell

Rehearsal Room: Grafton Library

Today we finished and ran the song, and tried on costumes!


Quick and Quotable

“…these books, thy wit, and our experience…” –Valdes, Faustus line 61

“Yes! Sing, campers, sing!” -Matt Maraschino

“Can I just hit this bin in the show? Please? I really like the bin.” -Our percussion section.


Production Insights

Today we finished the song. O, it sounds good! I might add, a little bit braggardly, that I did the arrangement of our song, and I’m extremely happy with how it sounds. I can’t wait for our preview on Friday! We also costumed most of the cast today. This was equally exciting for the cast, and from now on they will be able to do runs in costume. It’s a great day!