We’re almost there we’re almost there we’re almost there!!!!! We are now officially a week away from our final performances. The students are hard at work getting ready to present these plays and I am just consistently awed by what these students can do. By while the students are studying lines, reviewing tactics, and going to rehearsal, I am here to give you our show order! These are the order we will present our plays come July 7th. 



Romeo and Julliet 

Director: Miriam Burrows

RDAs: Austin Harleson and Amalia Oswald

Production Interns: Margot Flanders and Joe Marsh


Bea Crist – Benvolio/Fr. John

Colette Kolodny- Mercutio/Prince/Apothecary/Gregory

Eli Deitrich- Romeo

Eris Gothreaux – Juliet/Sampson

Hero Medina – Nurse/Abraham

Jesse Waldman – Capulet

Kat Mrozek – Paris/Lady Montague/Chorus

Maddie Johns – Lady Capulet

Rianna Morgan – Peter/Montague/Balthasar

Tulah Dillman – Tybalt/Friar Lawrence



Measure for Measure

Director: Emily MacLeod

RDAs: Taylor Lamb and Molly Harper

Production Interns: Grace Wallis and Maddie Miller


Ben Harris – Claudio/Servant

Bre Bugg – Duke

Dagny Scannell – Mariana/Froth

Hope Napier – Elbow/Abhorson/Juliet

Kennedy Coleman – Provost

Lizzie Beckett – Pompey

Mariana Parilli – Overdone/Fr. Peter/Barnardine

Olivia Gorra – Isabella

Sophie Burdette – Escalus/Francisca

Topher Zane – Angelo

Vicki Brent – Lucio




Director: Mary Finch

RDAs: Cortland Nesley and Lauren Carlton

Production Interns: Spencer Cohen and Jules Talbot


Alex Feig – Larissa/Mariner/Melibeus

Andrew Poma – Neptune/Astrologer/Ericthinis

Andrew Webb – Rafe

Gabe Laurent – Tityrus/Ramia/Peter

Esme Fife-Adams – Cupid

Jules Talbot – Robin

Maddy Hurd – Alchemist/Dick/Augur/Telusa

Mary Rose Valentine – Phyllida

Mia Randers-Pehrson – Gallathea

Tori Benson -Eurota/Venus

Zofia Walkowski – Diana