Today’s Date: July 27, 2019


Show Title: The Roaring Girl

Director: Stephanie Ann Foster

Assistant Directors: Cortland Nesley and Molly Harper


Stage Manager: Joe Marsh

Dramaturg: Madison Miller


Rehearsal Room: Deming


What we did: Our first full run! We started the show at 10:18AM and ended at 11:28AM for a full show time on our first run of 1 hour and 10 minutes. Those may sound like a bunch of numbers, but the reality is that, for the first run, without scripts, and fully propped and costumed, that is nothing short of incredible. We then worked on notes to perfect exactly what we’ve laid as our groundwork. Tonight was The Showcase performance! 





“Hang up my viol by me and I care not.”





-Stephanie Ann has lots of energy and excitement for this show.



“How about you speak a little slower so I have more time to run away from you in terror.”


Production Insight: Showcase and a full run! An amazing day of triumph and fun for the campers. The Showcase is recorded on Facebook and will later be posted to Youtube for your future viewing pleasure, but since you may not have seen it, let me indulge you with some of the spiciest moments from our camper’s show. From Midsummer to Twelfth Night, from Julius Caesar, Coriolanus, Merry Wives, Troilus and Cressida, Henry VI pt.1, Lear and so much more, each camper brough mirth, joy, a little bit of eye gouging (hey there King Lear), and lots and lots of love.