Photo of the Day: Working the burial of Edward IV in the Blackfriars

Today’s Date: 7/30/19

Show Title: Richard III

Director: Matt Minnicino

Assistant Directors: Lauren Carlton & Amalia Oswald

Production Intern: Spencer Cohen & Grace Wallace


Rehearsal Room: Deming and The Blackfriars


What we did (material covered, 3-5 sentences)

Today was our first day in Deming, and we got a lot done! We worked all the way through all our music cleaning up little bits and pieces. Then Matt worked one on one with Leah on each of her monologues while the rest of us went upstairs to the lobby and did a full line run of the show. After a short break we all came back together and ran the first 4 acts of the play with no stop and the campers killed it. They were for the most part word perfect on all their lines and there was MAYBE one scene where “line” was called more than once. These kids are gonna kick major butt next weekend.


Quick and Quotable

  • From the play

A know your are of damned blood suckers


Dispatch the limit of your lives is out


  • From the director
    • “[Max] can you get in your knees more when you’re drowning?”


  • From the company
    • “Ahh [come on], Margaret” -Lee
    • *sing song* “Richard Gloucester killing kids for fun” -Leah


Production Insights

I am thoroughly impressed with how much the campers have done in two weeks. They are all completely off book, they picked up the pre-show song in 2 days, they are already safely at show speed on almost all of the fights, they have taken every note we have given them and run with it, and through all of that they have kept energy up every day. It just continue to be flabbergasted by the sheer work ethic and passion these students are putting into their work to put up a show as fast as they have and to do so while also studying all other aspects of Shakespeare in all their workshops. Along with that its wonderful to watch the increasingly close knit families that develop in the casts. All of that is what I think the magic of this camp really is and I’m glad that I’ve been able to be a part of it for as long as I have.