Pictured: Marielle (Katherina) and Liam (Petruchio) in their wooing scene. 


Today’s Date: 7/29/2019

Show Title: The Taming of the Shrew

Director: Kim Newton

Assistant Directors: Austin Harleson & Taylor Lamb

Production Intern: Margot Flanders (Dramaturg) & Jules Talbot (Stage Manager)


Rehearsal Room: Grafton & Blackfriars


What we did 

Today was a double rehearsal day, this morning we fixed any scenes that did not get enough attention last week. Most of these were Grumio and Tranio centered scenes. In the evening at Blackfriars, we ran a cue to cue rehearsal. This is when we run all entrances, exits and quick changes to make sure that they all work in the space. 


Quick and Quotable


From the play 

“We shall be joyful of thy company.”

—Petruchio, Act IV


From the director 

“Let’s pull all of the air out of this scene.”


From the cast 

“I’m going up.”

“I’m going down.”

“I’m going up.”

“I’m down.”

—Teagan (Pedant) while working out balcony choreography.


Production Insights 

Today we had a double rehearsal and as we get into the final week which is full of what feels like endless minutes of rehearsals and workshops and triple checking your lines, it is important for the campers to remember to take care of themselves. They work hard, but within the full schedule we find time to breathe and take little moments to center ourselves. 

Through the exhaustion some of the closest bonds are made. In the final week, the campers will grow closer and our cast with move past that title onto one known as family. Their inside jokes will multiple and smiles will about and they will all be “joyful of thy company” towards one another.