And it begins again! Session two has officially begun and I am THRILLED. In all honesty, it wasn’t real until the students arrived. I could feel myself falling into the “I know how to do this, it’s just like session one” trap. But then the students arrived. Suddenly I was hit with “My god, they are so different. They are so lovely in their own unique ways and it’s all going to be new and fresh and exciting all over again”.


I look forward to getting to know these students. From my first impressions, they seem like an eager and curious bunch. I want this blog to be a place that reflects the energy of these students and channels it into insight. While this is a place where we teach the students, I also happen to learn a lot about theater through them.


Sharing that lovely vicarious learning experience with y’all is a big part of what we do on this blog. Oh but there is so much more! For those of you who are just joining us on the blog, I want to take some time to talk about what we do here. Over the course of the summer this blog will be dedicated to highlighting, archiving, contextualizing, and most importantly celebrating the everyday work that our students do here at camp. We will be posting about workshops, activities, and every production has a dramaturg that will be posting “Rehearsal Recaps” to keep you up to date on all the lovely discoveries that happen in our rehearsal rooms.


Speaking of rehearsals, we also use this blog to make announcements. Today, we would like to announce the cast list! Below is the casting for our three shows this session; Richard III, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Roaring Girl by Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton


The Roaring Girl
Directed by Stephanie Ann Foster
RDAs: Molly Harper & Cortland Nesley
Stage Manager: Joe Marsh
Dramaturg: Maddie Miller

Josie Arthur – Moll; Sir Adam
Virginia Browning – Mary; Mistress Openwork; Horse 2
Austin Bryant – Gallipot; Beauteous Gull; Tearcat; Horse 3
Jackson Budoff – Sebastian; Mistress Tiltyard; Fellow; 1st Cutpurse
Ella Gardner – Openwork; Lord Noland; Neatfoot; Horse 1
Riley Jackson – Sir Alexander; Tiltyard; Smoke; Jack Dapper
Rein Martin-Baker – Laxton; Curtilax; 2nd Cutpurse
Lily McGrogan – Greenwit; Sir Guy; Coachman; Perfect Woman in Pink; Duck
Eleanor Walter – Prudence Gallipot; Sir Thomas; Tailor; Sir Davy Dapper
Lilah Reeder – Goshawk; Horse 4; Hanger; Porter
Esme Tobias – Ralph Trapdoor; Perfect Woman in Black; Smoke; Dog


Richard III
Directed by Matt Minnicino
RDAs: Lauren Carlton & Amalia Oswald
Stage Manager: Grace Wallis
Dramaturg: Spencer Cohen

Vea Bley – Edward; Catesby; Tressel; Ely
Stella Burnett – Margaret; Ratcliffe; Berkeley; 2nd Citizen
Leah Eichorn – Richard III
Holland Enloe – Grey; Prince Edward; 2nd Murderer
Lee Garcia – Hastings; Tyrell; Sir Christopher
Eris Gothreaux – Elizabeth; Blunt; Messenger
Katie Haines – Buckingham
Bella Hersman – Stanley; 1st Murderer; 1st Citizen
Sakura Rosenthal – Rivers; Duke of York; Young Elizabeth; Brackenbury
Mimi Salgado – Anne; Richmond; 3rd Citizen
Max Yillah – Clarence; Duchess of York; Lord Mayor; Norfolk


Taming of the Shrew
Directed by Kim Newton
RDAs: Austin Harleson & Taylor Lamb
Stage Manager: Jules Talbot
Dramaturg: Margot Flanders

Marielle Buxbaum – Kate
Violet Craghead-Way – Tranio
Ella Duncan – Baptista
Sarah Hoskin – Biondello; Curtis
Caroline Raymond – Hortensio
Liam Riley – Petruchio
Sophie Severs – Bianca; Joseph; Haberdasher
Isaac Slater – Lucentio
Teagen Smith – Grumio; Pedant
Heidi Zmick – Gremio; Nathaniel; Tailor


BUT! In addition to these shows, there is also SHOWCASE CASTING! Showcase is a seperate show the students do that takes place on the second Saturday of camp. It is directed by our RDA’s and is free and open to the public. There will be another post further detailing Showcase in the future (because I LOVE talking about it) but for now I wanted to share the casting!


Showcase Casts

Coriolanus 2.3
directed by Lauren Carlton
Max Yillah – Coriolanus
Violet Craghead-Way – Menenius
Sophie Severs – Sicinius
Virginia Browning – Brutus
Rein Martin-Baker – Citizen 1
Esme Tobias – Citizen 2
Sarah Hoskin – Citizen 3
Riley Jackson – Citizen 4
Lilah Reeder – Citizen 5


Twelfth Night 2.3
directed by Austin Harleson
Eris Gothreaux – Feste
Mimi Salgado – Sir Toby
Leah Eichorn – Sir Andrew
Liam Riley – Malvolio
Eleanor Walter – Mariah


Midsummer 3.2
directed by Molly Harper
Caroline Raymond – Hermia
Ella Duncan – Demetrius
Ella Gardner – Puck
Lee Garcia – Lysander
Austin Bryant – Oberon
Vea Bley – Helena


Henry VI pt. 1 5.3
directed by Molly Harper
Holland – Joan
Bella Hersman – Demon 1
Marielle Buxbaum – Demon 2


Selected Monologues
directed by Taylor Lamb
Sakura Rosenthal
Heidi Zmick


Troilus & Cressida 3.2
directed by Cortland Nesley
Teagen Smith – Troilus
Lily McGrogan – Cressida
Stella Burnett – Pandarus


King Lear 3.7
directed by Amalia Oswald
Isaac Slater – Cornwall
Josie Arthur – Reagan
Jackson Budoff – Gloucester
Katie Haines – Servant