Today’s Date: August 4, 2019


Show Title: The Roaring Girl

Director: Stephanie Ann Foster

Assistant Directors: Cortland Nesley and Molly Harper


Stage Manager: Joe Marsh

Dramaturg: Madison Miller


Rehearsal Room: The Blackfriars Stage


What we did: Today we loaded into the Blackfriars playhouse at 9AM after a quick breakfast detour at the local farmers market (YUM!!!). After loading in for our morning Blackfriars rehearsal time, we ran a fight call, then began our final dress rehearsal before the big day tomorrow. Only a few notes followed, mostly logistical things, then we re-ran the second half of the play to solidify the more recent blocking. Tomorrow is show day, see you there! 





“I like the prospect best.”





“Did we forget the pickle? Or did we just not want to put a whole pickle on an empty chair?”

-Stephanie Ann



*Lily pulls arrest warrant (prop!) out of her long sleeve*


“I’ve got a few…tricks up my sleeve.”
It is funny every time.

Production Insight: I have never been one for endings or for saying goodbye, my belief is that the universe realigns for those you connect with, and with this cast, that is my hope. What an interesting, creative, kind, energetic group of theater makers, it would be an honor to see where they go and the good that they will bring to this world. To the cast of The Roaring Girl, godspeed on your adventures to come, thank you for letting me see your creations I wish you all the joy that you can wish (and when in doubt, DEEPAH BANAWNA it out).