Pictured: Caroline (Hortensio) eating as Marielle (Katherina) looks longingly at the meal with Liam (Petruchio) calling in Heidi (the Tailor) and Sophie (the Haberdasher). 


Today’s Date: 8/02/2019

Show Title: The Taming of the Shrew

Director: Kim Newton

Assistant Directors: Austin Harleson & Taylor Lamb

Production Intern: Margot Flanders (Dramaturg) & Jules Talbot (Stage Manager)


Rehearsal Room: Grafton


What we did 

In our second to last rehearsal, we began with notes from our Wednesday dress rehearsal. Then we jumped into fixing scenes. We worked on all of the Bianca/Lucentio wooing scenes and the scene when Hortensio visits Petruchio and Katherina. 


Quick and Quotable


From the play 

“Sunday comes apace.”

—Petruchio, Act II


From the director 

“Let that be the biggest superhero reveal moment of the play.”

—Kim on Litio revealing that he is Hortensio


From the cast 

“Thank you, Jules! More like Cools.”

—Campers on how great my fellow intern, Jules Talbot, is


Production Insights 

Today is our second to last rehearsal before the big day on Sunday, it was a last call to tweak all of the minor issues that showed up in our dress rehearsal on Wednesday. The cast has fallen into their characters and we have a full story, it is just some moment to moment things. Things like how Hortensio sneaks across to listen in on Bianca and Lucentio or how to eat a donut onstage (we have more than one!) What Petruchio says about his wedding day also applies to us: “Sunday comes apace.” Quickly, this show and the summer will be over with the arrival of Sunday.